The Ehrlich Brothers, Chantal Janzen, Motsi Mabuse and Michael Michalsky were on the jury for the second episode of “Das Supertalent”.

Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

On Saturday the second episode of the 15th season of “Das Supertalent” ran on RTL. The TV broadcaster has vigorously screened the jury and the moderators for the issues – Show veteran Dieter Bohlen was sorted out as well as his fellow jurors Chris Tall, Evelyn Burdecki and Bruce Darnell. The new jury should actually consist of Michael Michalsky, Chantal Janzen and professional soccer player Lukas Podolski. The last one, however, was completely canceled due to a corona infection. Daniel Hartwich and Victoria Swarovski were replaced by Tall and Lola Weippert as moderators. The format’s new approach: becoming more family-friendly.

But it quickly became apparent on Twitter that the new line-up was not going over too well with viewers. Various users wrote that Bohlen was missing in particular: “Something’s wrong when the commercials are more entertaining than the show. Dieter laughs himself to death at Malle.”

Overall, the jury was too benevolent, the judgments too soft – there were no pithy sayings. The dissatisfaction was also reflected in the quotas. The industry magazine “dwdl” reported that the second episode of the new season was able to undercut the low range of the premiere: “Only 1.77 million viewers were able to warm up to the casting show on Saturday, half a million fewer than a week ago.”

In an interview with “Bild”, Janzen admitted that she too had been following the format with Bohlen as chief juror for years – and at the same time commented on the criticism of the redesign.

Chantal Janzen is already a popular one in the Netherlands "Super talent"-Juror

Chantal Janzen is already a popular “super talent” judge in the Netherlands

Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Chantal Janzen can understand the frustration of fans about “Das Supertalent”

The new juror stands out as the new head of the “Supertalent” jury and was there for the first time in a row – in the first edition she was also missing because of positive corona tests. Compared to “Bild”, the “ESC” presenter admitted that she could understand the public’s displeasure to a certain extent:

“If you do a show with the same people for a long time, the audience is used to it. If you change this composition without asking the audience, the audience can ask, ‘Hey, where are our people?’ “

And she was also a loyal viewer of the show with Bohlen in the jury: “I have to say that I’ve been watching ‘Das Supertalent’ with Dieter Bohlen for a very, very long time. I always liked it because he has his own style. I have huge respect for people who watch shows on television for a long time do”, added the native Dutchwoman.

Still, she demanded that the new era of the show must be given a chance: “The whole format was changed: completely new jurors and moderators.”

Chantal Janzen hosted the in 2021 "Eurovision Song Contest" in Rotterdam.

Chantal Janzen led the “Eurovision Song Contest” in Rotterdam in 2021.

Image: dpa / Soeren Stache

That is why Janzen considers herself the perfect “super talent” judge

Janzen not only moderated the “ESC” this year, in the Netherlands she has been behind the jury’s desk for seven years and has become a favorite of the audience. The 43-year-old is also a trained musical performer, dancer and singer:

“As a member of the jury, I therefore know exactly what it feels like to appear on stage. It’s so courageous to appear in front of a camera because you are so vulnerable on stage.

Bohlen does not mourn his “super talent” job afterwards

Even if many fans are longing for Dieter Bohlen on RTL – the station should not be hiring the pop titans again that quickly. And that is also due to the 67-year-old himself. He now indicated in an Instagram video that primarily enjoying his freedom.

“You always think I’m sitting at home and think about the next TV show all the time, about the next record,” he speculated about the attitude of his fans. However, at the moment he finally has time to “do and do” what he wants: “I have time for the family, I don’t have to be there and there at a certain point in time, I don’t always have to be healthy, but I am.” Finally, the stage star added:

“I don’t have that pressure, that’s why I’m so happy. My goal in my life is not to always be on TV.”

His almost 1.6 million Instagram fans allow him his newfound free time – but whether “Das Supertalent” will be able to assert itself permanently on television without him remains to be seen.


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