‘Bad mother’ Lee Do-hyun was a father of twins…  Exceeded 10% viewer ratings

‘Bad mother’ Lee Do-hyun was a father of twins… Exceeded 10% viewer ratings

▲ (Source = JTBC 'Bad Mother')

▲ (Source = JTBC ‘Bad Mother’)

‘Bad Mother’ Lee Do-hyun and Ahn Eun-jin’s buried relationship was revealed.

In the 10th episode of JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Bad Mom’, which aired on the 25th, Yeongsoon (Ra Mi-ran) and Jo Woo-ri’s neighbors worked together to save Kang-ho (Lee Do-hyun)’s marriage. The 10th viewership rating was 10.0% nationwide (Nielsen Korea, based on paid households) and 10.6% in the metropolitan area, renewing its own highest viewership rating and ranking first in the same time slot for 8 consecutive episodes. The target audience rating of 2049 also rose to 3.2%, the highest of its own, ranking first in all channels.

On this day, Youngsoon found out that Kangho was planning revenge. He was afraid that Kang-ho, who had regained his memory someday, would reopen that dangerous vendetta, and he hoped that he would erase everything from the past and continue living as he does now. He even entrusted Kang-ho with the role of the president of ‘Happy Farm’, saying, “Please don’t remember anything and let’s just live like this.” Kang-ho was somewhat offended by Young-soon’s reaction, but he did not say that he wanted to become a prosecutor so that her mother would not be disappointed.

After learning Kang-ho’s secret, Young-soon has a new bucket list. It was to create a family. Accordingly, the villagers set out to find Kang-ho’s mate with the same mindset as Yeong-soon. However, it was not easy to meet the relationship of his life. People who met Kang-ho as a child for the first time reacted coldly. Kang Ho also had no way of knowing Youngsoon’s anxious feelings. Kang-ho left his mother behind and headed to the pesticide shop with a nail shop to meet Mi-joo.

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At that time, Mi-joo was suffering from a headache because of the president of the Prosperous Shopping Mall, a true customer who came to the door of the agrochemical company. He touched the plant with his excessive words, attitude, and unpleasant skinship. In the end, Mi-ju could not stand her anger and had a fight, and Kang-ho, who discovered it, blocked the Prosperity Chairman who caught Mi-joo. At the moment of crisis, Kang-ho, who appeared like a black knight, was the same as when he was a prosecutor. For a moment, Mi-joo, who was breathlessly surprised by her familiar appearance, crossed arms with Kang-ho pretending to be her lover and asked for help.

At that time, a motorcycle ran toward Mi-joo, and Kang-ho instinctively threw himself. For a brief moment, memories of the day of his past college entrance exam flashed through Kang-ho’s mind. Mijoo’s motorcycle accident, the tears shed at herself, and Kangho’s comforting and kissing scene, “It’s okay, you can take the test again next year,” were repeated. Mi-ju unknowingly hugged Kang-ho again and kissed her on the lips. Throughout the night, Mi-ju kept thinking about the incident, which made her feel complicated and disturbed.

▲ (Source = JTBC 'Bad Mother')

▲ (Source = JTBC ‘Bad Mother’)

Sam-shik (played by Yoo In-soo) needed an immediate supply of money after being threatened by Bae Seon-jang (played by Lee Kyu-hoe). Not only was it not enough to secretly sell the luxury bag that Young-soon gave to Mr. Park (Seo Yi-sook) as a second-hand, but he committed a bold act by tricking Kang-ho into obtaining a jewelry box. But how to get caught if the tail is long. Kang-ho and Sam-shik’s entire family were summoned to the police box after the owner of the gold and silver room reported stolen property. Not long after he was released from prison, criticism was pouring down on Sam-shik, who was handcuffed again for theft, but Kang-ho turned the situation around with a surprise remark, “I gave it to Sam-shik as a gift.”

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Upon returning home, Youngsoon scolded Kangho, and Kangho gathered up the courage to reveal that he wanted to become a prosecutor. One of the reasons was because of America. To Young-soon, who said she would never do it, Kang-ho said, “I did everything my mother told me to do,” and he refuted that even though he was sick, tired, and scared, he did everything “because her mother likes her.” She then asked Kang-ho’s resentful question, “But why doesn’t Mom stop me from doing things I like?” Young-soon lost her words.

Youngsoon went to Mijoo to change Kangho’s heart. She said that meeting the woman introduced by Andrea (Josh Newton) would be her last chance, and she wanted Kang-ho to help him get married. Mi-joo was more concerned about Young-soon rushing Kang-ho to get married, rather than Kang-ho saying that he would marry another woman. When asked what happened to her, Youngsoon confessed that she was terminally ill. In response, Mi-joo regrets that she did not inform Kang-ho of her pregnancy, who abandoned her, and that she is still hiding who Ye-jin (Ki So-yu) and Seo-jin (Park Da-on)’s father is.

At the end of the broadcast, Mr. Jung lamented when he learned of the relationship between Mi-joo, twin siblings, and Kang-ho. Mi-joo exclaimed, “I don’t feel sorry for us at all” toward Mr. Jung, who cried out that her daughter, who even resembled her own daughter, was pitiful. The next day, Mi-ju took Ye-jin and Seo-jin to Kang-ho’s house and knocked on the door. A situation where the relationship between the two people, which had been buried as a long-standing wound in the Americas, surfaced on the surface. Indeed, attention is focusing on whether Mi-joo will reveal all her truths and whether she will be able to rearrange her relationship with Kang-ho.

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Meanwhile, ‘Bad Mom’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm.

▲ (Source = JTBC 'Bad Mother')

▲ (Source = JTBC ‘Bad Mother’)



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