After a difficult summer, especially in the emergency room at CHU Pellegrin, the unions are worried. The lack of personnel is highlighted especially as the figures differ on the number of agents refusing vaccination.

While the fourth wave seems to be starting a final turn, the start of the school year nevertheless seems complicated to listen to the union representatives of the Bordeaux University Hospital.
Either, there are only 60 patients hospitalized due to Covid, including 31 in intensive care, however the situation remains tense. ” We lack staff, we lack beds, we lack attractiveness », Summarizes Alain Es-Sébar secretary general CGT Pellegrin. “ The situation has improved significantly », Replies the management.

How many agents are still not vaccinated?

Hospital workers have until September 15 to receive a first dose of vaccine. Where are we at the Bordeaux University Hospital? Regardless of the tensions that this issue creates between staff, it weighs on the social back-to-school period. How many fewer agents will we have to navigate from mid-September? “ Of the 14,000 people who work at the CHU, more than 11,000 have already submitted their health pass, the others are in the process of doing so (…) ”, announces Yann Bubien, Director General of Bordeaux University Hospital.

Around 100 to 200 people are estimated to be immune to vaccination today.

Yann Bubien

A figure disputed by the unions. Impossible, “given the number of calls we receive”, slice Alain Es Sebar.
For the CGT, out of the 3,000 who have not transmitted their health pass, 2,000 are still reluctant today.
According to Pascal Gaubert, FO general secretary, they would be between 1000 and 1500. “ If we have several in the same department, are we going to have to close some departments? We put the question to the manager but did not get an answer. Where are the holdouts? We don’t know, it’s confidential ».

The demonstrators denounce the vaccination obligation for hospital staff.

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« We are discussing with them, trying to convince them, before September 15 », Announces Yann Bubien. Discussions with the appearance of “pressures”, for Alain Es Sebar of the CGT.

Some are received in their manager’s office and are pressured.

Alain Ice Spread

« We tell them “if not, you take a spare”, but it’s too easy“, continues Alain Es sebar.”With an availability, we come back if there is room. And then it is not counted, unlike a suspension ».

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Re-scheduled operations

In recent weeks, with the white plan linked to the fourth wave of Covid, a number of operations had been deprogrammed except in pediatrics, oncology and maternity, wanted to clarify to management. ” Today the situation has improved significantly this week », Announces Yann Bubien. ” Because we have reopened a lot of beds at the CHU, and throughout the Metropolis. And the staff started arriving this week. We are therefore in the process of very gradually resuming deprogramming in order to reprogram everything that may have been deprogrammed recently. Today we almost find the number of rooms and the number of normal blocks ».

« It starts again very slowly but they are in expectation “, Nuance Alain Es Sebar of the CGT. “They reprogrammed what was programmable but cannot increase the capacity “. In question, the lack of personnel.

Lack of staff

A recurring slogan in the demonstrations, “a reality on the ground” for the unions. ” The management announces to us that they have recruited around a hundred agents at the Bordeaux University Hospital », Reports Pascal Gaubert. ” This morning, we looked on the intranet portal and we have a posting of 6 vacant nursing positions when we know that there are many more than that. There is an opacity that leaves us perplexed.

102 recruitments? Where ?

Pascal Gaubert

« There were tenure of contract workers but no recruitment », Analyzes Alain Es Sebar. “ They are struggling to find nurses and orderlies. This summer there were 13 sick leaves among the stretcher bearers in Pellegrin, none was replaced. Those who were on vacation are coming back, so it gets better ». « We had difficulties recruiting paramedics, nurses and orderlies, who only arrive in September and who were unable to arrive in August. », Recognizes Yann Bubien. However, is there sufficient staff to date?

« We are worried », Sighs Pascal Gaubert. ” There is no longer any attractiveness, especially at night, and the recruitments made cannot fill the absenteeism, which is enormous. Don’t tell us a story. Certain specialties will be affected, in particular emergencies which are upside down with burn out. Management is in discussion with the ARS (Regional Health Agency) to find means. We also know that there are vacancies and resignations. Over the first three months of 2021, we had 300 resignations, departures or made available at the Bordeaux University Hospital. It’s huge ».

If management admits recruitment difficulties in August, it recognizes the “difficulties” encountered this summer. ” First, because there were a lot of closed beds in the Bordeaux conurbation », Explains Yann Bubien,« not only at Bordeaux University Hospital but also in other public hospitals and private clinics ».
A problem that has arisen at the national level according to him. ” But in addition, we obviously sent reinforcements of personnel to the West Indies, doctors and paramedics, and therefore we were lacking at the CHU », He analyzes.

Mobilization against a backdrop of questions

Many questions therefore remain unanswered according to the unions who announce that they will remain mobilized for this return to school. “ There is always a strike notice that runs and that has not been lifted at FO for the social re-entry », Specifies Pascal Gaubert. The CGT announces “a national movement on September 14 dedicated to health”. ” Then there will be the big interprofessional movement on October 5 », Explains Alain Es Sébar. A meeting “with all the union nebulas” must take place this Thursday, September 9 to see what actions to put in place.

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