Back to Houston tonight?

James Harden is finally back! After a month of absence following a foot injury, the bearded man from Philly will finally be able to regain his place in the Sixers’ five, and Philadelphia needs him to possibly bring some mental rest to Joel Embiid as he goes into the race stay to the heights. from the east.

Good news in Philly, everyone will finally be able to relax as Joel Embiid and James Harden will be playing on the same floor again pending the return of their friend Tyrese Maxey. And it was time, because if the men of Doc Rivers managed to secure so far without their leader, with a nice record of eight wins and four losses due to the bearded man’s injury, the last road trip started much less well (28-point loss in Cleveland last Wednesday and loss in Memphis on Friday)

It is undoubtedly at the level of playmaking that the reintegration of James Harden into the workforce will do the most good. Because over the first nine games of the season, just before his injury, the 76ers point guard averaged 22 points, 7 rebounds and 10 assists per game. A passing average that allowed him to monopolize the very first places in the ranking of the best passers of the season, in second place between Thérèse, she is from Brittany, and Trae Young.

And it is on countries that he knows very well that the 2018 MVP will be able to make his comeback: that of the Rockets, in Houston. The end of a three-game road trip, where it will be imperative for these 76ers to win in order not to return to Pennsylvania empty-handed. When they return, the beard and his teammates will welcome Lakers in better shape than ever behind a great Anthony Davis then the Hornets and the Kings.

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These Sixers, plagued by injuries throughout the month of November, will have to spend the second once El Chapo returns if they want to spend the holidays in the top 3-4 in the Eastern Conference. for now, Philly sits in fifth place with a record of 12-11s, but a loss tonight against the Rockets could knock the 76ers out of the top 6, with the latter tied with Indiana, Toronto and Brooklyn. As for Tyrese Maxey, it will probably take another week or two, but Philadelphia is on the right track and the cards are now in the hands of Jojo, Ramesse and all of their crew.

Shake Milton ran the house and he’s very nice, but the boss is back. See you tonight, 2am, on a floor where Ramesse once dropped us 50/15/15, promise.



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