Back pain – recognize the triggers for back pain

Lack of exercise, stress and improper strain on the spine often lead to back problems. Back pain and the associated limitations could be avoided by moving more often, paying attention to an ergonomic sitting position and giving up unhealthy habits.

How to protect yourself from back pain

A strong, flexible back protects against back pain. Nevertheless, the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle on back health are often underestimated. Tension in the neck and back area are the most common triggers for back problems. In addition, stress and psychological stress in everyday life can also be considered as promoting factors for back pain. Unfavorable sleeping habits, sagging mattresses or unsuitable pillows can also turn out to be the cause of back pain in connection with an incorrect lying position. If your back hurts after getting up in the morning, you should check your sleeping place and replace outdated mattresses and upholstery. In addition, the bedroom must be neither too warm nor too cold. Drafts can promote health problems. The neck and back area often reacts sensitively to drafts. Night sweats can be avoided by using breathable, skin-friendly material for pillows and bed linen. Natural fabrics such as the fibers of the kapok tree are often used for cushions. Since these fibers consist mostly of air, they are said to have very good heat retention properties, which is noticeable through a climate-regulating effect in heat and cold. In conjunction with cotton, the kapok fiber used as a pillow filling is said to cause you to sweat or freeze less and sleep more peacefully as a result. Similar to natural latex, a material that is often used to make mattresses, kapok fibers have a high level of self-cleaning power. If you want to buy a kapok pillow, you can look around online. So that the neck area is relieved, the padding should be pleasantly soft and at the same time have a supporting effect.

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Why movement is important for the back muscles

Preventing back problems is also possible without spending a lot of time. It is important to ensure sufficient exercise and a healthy diet. In general, the daily intake of dietary fiber is beneficial for health. In order to protect your back, you should avoid carrying water boxes or heavy shopping bags or get help with them. Sagging or unsuitable mattresses can make back pain worse. Back tension can therefore be counteracted by a mattress that enables optimal weight distribution. The degree of hardness plays an important role in the mattress topper, the so-called topper. A topper made of natural materials can ensure perfect weight shifting thanks to its high level of adaptability. It is often even possible to test a topper first in order to get used to the new feeling of sleeping during the test phase. However, exercise is the best protection against back pain. In addition, mobility also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system and metabolism. It is therefore advisable to take every opportunity to exercise in everyday life. This includes climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator. Short distances can be covered on foot or by bike. Cycling is considered a health-promoting sport that makes you fit and strengthens your back. A walk is a wonderful opportunity to combine exercise with relaxation and to unwind after a hard day. If you sit a lot at work, you can relax your tense back muscles with special exercises.

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