Bachelor Erkan Akyol (29) is not only well received by many viewers, but also by his candidates. After they have recommended him to study the Duden, the Winterthur resident is enough. Blick says: “Some people might want to stay in public, others might really not like me. I don’t know, but I respect it. Of course you don’t like to read something like that. Especially when someone in front of me is completely different, comments on almost every story of mine with cute smileys, contacts my sister to score points with me or to be able to have contact with me. ” Who he means by that, the Rosenkavalier keeps to himself.

He tries to accept nicely worded criticism and work on himself. Nonetheless, Erkan Akyol thinks: “Not everyone has to like me – just as I don’t have to like everyone. That’s human.”

He himself is satisfied with his performance. “I think I am good and charming as a Bachelor, but that is of course subjective. By and large, every viewer has to decide for himself how he or she will find me as a Bachelor, »says Akyol.

His principle: «I am Erkan. No more and no less.”

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