Babylon’s Fall continues to lose concurrent players on PC reaching dramatic lows

The cooperative game from PlatinumGames continues with outrageous numbers after just two months since its launch.

The situation with Babylon’s Fall is simply dramatic. The game of cooperative action by PlatinumGames and Square Enix was already opening on the wrong foot with just 650 concurrent players at its launch on Steam, figures far removed from what a title of the magnitude of the hack and slash proposal of Bayonetta’s parents.

But unfortunately, the situation has only gotten worse, with a constant drop in the number of players that has been maintained throughout the month of April. But the most extreme situation we have experienced this week, with the game reaching the dramatic number of a single player connected worldwide.

A single player connected worldwideBeyond the scandalous historical minimum that occurred last Wednesday, May 4, barely two months after the release of the game, the reality is that the figures throughout the week have been, to say the least, very worrying. As we can see from the Steam Charts website, Babylon’s Fall has been maintained all week without being able to get above 100 concurrent players.

The figures oscillate between 30 and 40 simultaneous players, with some moments in which the 10 concurrent players were barely exceeded worldwide, an alarming situation that for the moment has not changed the plans of Platinum Games and Square Enix, who have promised to maintain their update plan. If you want to know more about the game as a service from the authors of Nier Automata, in 3DGames you have available our analysis of Babylon’s Fall.

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