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Baby left badly burned after vegetable steam spilled boiling water

A British mother was horrified after her baby boy put a vegetable steamer on her head, pouring nine liters of boiling water.

Little Dougie Dodd had third degree burns to the face, neck, hands, chest and feet while hanging on to the kitchen article.

His mother, Nadia Hulse, was cooking and chatting with her mother while the one-year-old was playing with pots and pans on the floor.

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She said that he reached the steamboat with a spoon and she shouted at him to stop.

But the one year old boy jumped back and grabbed the spoon on the wire of the steamboat, which rocked over him.

Mom said the Mirror"I undressed Dougie and took him to a cold bath on the floor, but he screamed hysterically and was trying to get out of the bath and join me."

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His mother, who watched what is happening on FaceTime, called an ambulance and Dougie was rushed to the Birmingham Children's Hospital.

Nadia said, "At one point he was hit in the hospital and I could not stop crying. I was an absolute mess. "

He then developed toxic shock syndrome and needed a blood plasma transfusion.

After about a month of hospitalization, Dougie was allowed to return home after a courageous healing.

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He still has to wear a special vest at night to try to reduce the scars left by the accident.

Nadia said, "Dougie is such a happy and lively little boy who has not changed his extroverted personality.

"But I still feel guilty. I know it was an abnormal accident and the only thing I could have done differently was to not let it play with the pans.

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"I'm afraid he's growing up with his scars, but I'll reassure him every day of his courage and the beauty of his scars."

Earlier this year, a Ukrainian baby spilled into a bucket of boiling water to fill his bath and died tragically from his injuries.

According to reports, Daniil Chernenko, one year old, was 80% burned and the doctors fought for eleven days to save his life.

This article was originally published on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.


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