Ayuso affirms that Podemos creates “parasitic beach bars” through women to “victimize” them

Ayuso affirms that Podemos creates “parasitic beach bars” through women to “victimize” them

New plenary session in the Madrid Assembly. And this time with the hangover of the 8M demonstration, which once again flooded the streets of Madrid, as a backdrop. The regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso arrived in parliament this Thursday wanting to argue about feminism and equality, after this week she criticized the government parity law that her party chief, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, attributed to the European PP. If Ayuso this week mocked the trans law to ensure that she will have parity by changing her name to her advisers – Enrique Ossorio for “Enriqueta Ossorio”, she said – today she defended that Podemos create “parasitic beach bars” to through women to “victimize” them.

“This parasitic beach bar is the one that Podemos has also created through women to victimize us when we have gone much further without you and lifelong feminists have gone much further, by the way, giving examples like mine,” he said. launched the president And she has continued: “You do not even divide feminism, you parasitize in it. They victimize women and speak for all of them by making embarrassing campaigns, like with those ads that even tell women how we have to behave in bed.”

The spokesperson for United We Can, Alejandra Jacinto, took the floor and told her that her “inequality kills”. “He said he wanted to turn Madrid into the Florida of Europe,” Jacinto began. “Miami has the most expensive housing prices and has made exactly the same thing happen in Madrid. Miami confirmed it to me but this is not gozadera ”, Jacinto ironized during the control session with the Government. “Feminism is charged with present and future in this region. I have to remind you that LGTBI rights are also feminism. Stop joking with trans people”, continued the spokesperson for Unidas Podemos.

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In the PSOE’s turn, Ayuso’s attacks on feminism and the parity law have continued. “I certainly have no reason to impose parity. I don’t want to dig into the mine, or fish, or lay bricks, so I defend and I thank the men who do it”, Ayuso assured.

The PSOE spokesman, Juan Lobato, however, has spoken about management and has reminded him that he continues to promise each electoral cycle the same infrastructures that are never built. “People are tired of short-term politicking and that everything revolves around their electoral strategy. Do not underestimate the intelligence of the people of Madrid”, Lobato replied. “He is going to break the Guinness record for promising the same schools and the same health centers in three consecutive elections. Don’t you think they are cheating the people of Madrid? ”, Has launched the socialist spokesman.

Already in her turn, the leader of Más Madrid has made Ayuso’s mockery against trans people and his “jokes” ugly to the level “of any bully or bully.” “You are free to like more or less the laws, Pride, trans people… but I do not consent to it, what we are not going to consent to is that you laugh at them, that you laugh at the people of Madrid, because you are not Arévalo making ladybug jokes. You are the president of the Community and all the people of Madrid and a president does not insult, she does not hate, she does not mock and a president respects or leaves ”, García lamented during the control session.

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“Enrique’s or Enriqueta’s little joke is at the level of any bully or bully who bullies in a school yard,” criticized the spokeswoman for Más Madrid, who has defended that “it is not only ridiculous and miserable” but that it will persecute Ayuso throughout his career. “Take advantage and rectify if only so that you do not embarrass yourself in the future”, Mónica García has finished.



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