Aylín Mujica walks in the pool wearing a blue swimsuit with side openings

Aylin Mujica.

JC Olivera / Getty Images

Aylin Mujica continues to surprise by showing how well he is preserved at 47 years old. She now posted on her account Instagram a video in which she appears in a Miami hotel, strolling in the pool and showing off her statuesque body to the fullest in a high-cut blue swimsuit with side openings.

For several months, the Cuban actress has been promoting an exclusive spa, to which she has gone to have various treatments performed, both on her face and on her abdomen. In another clip, she showed off the results by wearing a black micro bikini with transparent threads.

Aylin Mujica She is also a professional dancer, and she couldn’t stop sharing a choreography she did when she left the spa, but accompanied by her daughter Violeta, who executed the steps very well and showed that she inherited her famous mother’s talent.

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