TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- The United States Department of Justice is after the search of more than 14.9 million dollars that were in the bank accounts of the Guatemalan Axel lopez, who sold the seven mobile hospitals a Strategic Investment of Honduras (Invest-H).

Investigations by the Special Prosecutor for Transparency and Combating Public Corruption (Fetccop), revealed that these millionaire resources equivalent to more than 378 million lempiras were in the bank accounts of López at the time of the filing of the tax requirement at the beginning of April of this year and they mysteriously disappeared.

Prosecutors suspect López It withdrew the money from its accounts to prevent it from being frozen, however, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office requested new international legal assistance from the United States Department of Justice in order to identify the destination of the millionaire resources, which represent 77 percent of the funds. that were transferred by Invest-H a López in 2020.

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The Prosecutor’s Office was notified that in the frozen account, “there was only that,” according to a source from the fiscal body.

“The Public Ministry has requested the United States to extend legal assistance where the report of the movements of bank accounts in the name of Elmed Medical System was requested in order to follow the destination of those payments made by our country,” he reported. the Public ministry.

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On Thursday, the Prosecutor’s Office reported that it was notified that a Federal Court in Washington proceeded to freeze more than four million dollars (more than 100 million lempiras) that they found in the account of the company Elmed Medical System, owned by Axel Lopez.

The petition was issued by the Court for the Deprivation of Property of Illicit Origin on March 9 of this year.

The State of Honduras, between March and April 2020, paid López’s company more than 47 million dollars (1,174 million lempiras) for the purchase of the seven mobile hospitals and seven treatment plants.

The real cost of the hospitals, according to invoices held by the Prosecutor’s Office, was 26.5 million dollars, which represents that each hospital together with its treatment plant had a value of 2.5 million dollars, with a difference between what was paid for Invest-H and the actual cost of $ 21 million.

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The Guatemalan Axel lopez in the next few days he will be a fugitive from Honduran justice.

He was required on April 8 of this year along with former Invest-H officials, Marco Bográn and Alex Moraes, for executing the overvalued purchase of the hospitals.

An extensive investigation by the Public Ministry concluded that the mobile hospitals They are not suitable for treating patients affected by covid-19.

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