Avraham B. Yehoshua by David Grossman – Release


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The Israeli writer died on June 14 in Tel Aviv, at the age of 85. His friend David Grossman remembers flamboyant encounters with a man who, through his work, showed how absurd banality can be. Thank you Bouli!

Avraham B. Yehoshua – alias Bouli, diminutive of Gabriel – was an individual in perpetual motion, a fast man, restless and tireless, flexible in his ideas, demanding in his curiosity; in each encounter with him, in each conversation, I felt his inner fire, his cry from the heart – and, sometimes, a real roar – which nourished encounters with him with a power and an authentic emotional and intellectual intensity.

For decades, Bouli has enriched our existence. By his inexhaustible creativity, by his fruitful writing without anything needy, he carried us away and installed us, once after another, in a reality of ordinary existence, familiar and daily, even banal, in the heart of his horizons. imagination, surrealism and the absurd. With a single leap on the wings of his imagination, he showed us how absurd banality is, how surreal reality – especially here, in Israel – can be.

But, with Bouli, the “materials” at work in the human soul do not only play between the most concrete reality and the most extreme absurdity but are always the fruit of action along the strata of the temps, history, memory, heredity. Of how the “big” story unfolds…



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