The Airbus A380 was once acclaimed by aviation fans and aviation experts. Superlatives like “Giant of the Skies”, “Superjumbo” or “Wundervogel” alternated. No wonder, after all, the A380 is a record jet. With space for up to 853 passengers, it is the largest and, for the occupants, the quietest aircraft in the world. So quiet that the pilots now heard the noises of the passengers instead of the constant hum of the engines and therefore slept poorly.

But that was not the reason why, until recently, the end of the A380 – only 16 years after the first flight – seemed sealed. In the 2020 corona year there were only 25,000 scheduled flights with this machine type. In 2019 there were still over 119,000. Means: The A380 was hit harder than average by the corona-related aviation crisis because of its size and inefficiency.

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