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Status: 07.11.2021 12:18 p.m.

The Pinneberg district is now also affected by avian influenza. The virus was detected in one farm, 500 fattening geese and other animals had to be killed.

Avian influenza was detected in the Pinneberg district on Friday. According to the district, a farm with around 500 fattening geese and other animals is affected. A significant proportion of the geese had developed symptoms of illness within a very short time and some animals had already died. All animals therefore had to be killed by a special company. “We hope that the quick action of all those involved will help to prevent the virus from spreading further,” said Uwe Koltzau, head of the security and consumer protection service at the Pinneberg district.

AUDIO: Avian influenza detected in the Pinneberg district (1 min)

The district called on all poultry farmers – including private ones – to comply with the protective measures. The ordinance on a district-wide stabling requirement is to be published shortly.

Compulsory stabling on the west coast

The Pinneberg district is now the fifth district nationwide, after Plön, North Friesland, Dithmarschen and Steinburg, in which avian influenza returned to Schleswig-Holstein this autumn. In the district of North Friesland, poultry has to be kept in the barn on all islands and Halligen as well as in a one-kilometer-wide strip on the North Sea coast. In the district of Dithmarschen there is an obligation to keep stables in the entire area and in the district of Steinburg there is one Exclusion zone with special rules for poultry farmers set up around an affected farm in Borsfleth. In the district of Plön no decision has yet been made about compulsory stabling. There are still too few cases for this, said a district spokeswoman.

Avian influenza, also known as avian flu, is an infectious disease that occurs primarily in waterfowl and other birds. Schleswig-Holstein is particularly at risk because the state is an important bird migration area.

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Avian influenza has been found in several dead gray geese in Kirchbarkau and on Lake Dobersdorf. more

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A restricted zone with a radius of at least three kilometers will be set up around the company concerned. Further details can be found in the general decree. more

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The Friedrich Loeffler Institute (FLI) estimates the risk of HPAIV H5 recurring in Germany in autumn as high. more

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