Averbukh begins a new life stage

The figure skater went to this for a long time.

In the life of Ilya Averbukh, big changes began. The skater has been waiting for the right moment for a long time, and now it has come.

The choreographer admitted that he is starting a coaching career in figure skating.

“At the moment we are talking only about the dance group, I emphasize that the group is junior. It will be a professional dance group, I will work with Elena Maslennikova, she is the head coach of the school.

I will be coaching and counseling couples, for now I do it three times a week. This is already a full-fledged and professional training process, ”Averbukh said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The impetus for this decision was Averbukh’s trip to Veliky Novgorod.

“I represented the dance couple Alexander Shinkarenko / Vladislav Mikhailov there, they took fifth place. This is the starting point from which we start. There are also already a number of couples who are asking to be viewed at school, these are also junior-level couples, ”Averbukh specified.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Ekaterina Moran

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