Avaddon group hands over keys to decrypt its ransomware

14. June 2021 – The Avaddon Group is history. She has stopped her activities and given the keys to decrypt his ransomware to “Bleepingcomputer”.

Sometimes ransomware groups disintegrate and cease operations. This is what happened at Avaddon. The group handed over the keys to decrypt their malware, which encrypted data on numerous computers of victims and thus made it unusable, to “bleeping computers”. As can be read, the editors have received a link and a password to a zip archive from an unknown source, which contains the keys to the ransomware.

In total, the Avaddon group provided 2934 decryption keys, each key being assignable to a specific victim. Emsisoft has released a free decryption tool that Avaddon victims can use to rescue their files.

As “Bleepingcomputer” further writes, Avaddon has apparently disappeared from the scene, because the corresponding pages in the Tor network are no longer accessible. However, it is unlikely that there is only good intent behind the action. Presumably the pressure from international law enforcement agencies has become too great and the members of the group have decided to go underground. (luc)