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Connerjack Oswalt he was shivering when police found him sleeping in a store in Summit County, Utah. Nobody had heard from him in almost three years, since he disappeared in California.

Oswalt, who is now 19 years old, is autistic and police believe he had been living on those streets where he was found for at least two weeks, Sheriff Justin Martinez said.

His family has searched tirelessly for him all these years, ever since he was last seen at the family home in Clearlake, Calif. They even moved to Idaho Fallsin Idaho, where the young man was born, in case he returned there.

The police are investigating how he disappeared, where have you been these almost three years And what has happened in that time?

When they picked him up in Summit County, the agents knew they had to look further. They reviewed all missing person reports and found a report from 2019 in Clearlake, California. So they called his family. They confirmed the identity by a birthmark.

“Everyone burst into tears”said the young man’s stepfather, Gerald Flint, according to the agency AP.

The family came to visit morgues in their search

Flint stressed that the agents did much more than what is established and that “it made all the difference.”

“We didn’t treat him like a criminal. We treated him like someone who has something deeper that needed to be delved into. That intuition is what has really brought this family together.“, explained Martinez, for his part.

The family has followed during these years any clue that came about his whereabouts and even visited morgues.



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