It was a long distance relationship that St. Helena and Cape Town had for decades. For decades, only a postal ship was the only travel option between the city on the coast of South Africa and the island far away in the South Atlantic Ocean, to which Napoleon was once exiled. In October 2017, however, St. Helena was connected to the rest of the world by scheduled flight – initially also on the well-known route to Cape Town.

Because the Airlink, which was commissioned with the flights, was not allowed to accept any more passengers at a required fuel stop in Namibia, the regional airline quickly canceled its flights between St. Helena and Cape Town. Since then, she has only flown to the island from Johannesburg via Namibia and has so far been satisfied with the occupancy of the aircraft. As the South African newspaper The Newspaper reports, Airlink will now resume flights from Cape Town. These will take place once a week during the main season between the beginning of December and the end of March, while there will be two flights a week to St. Helena from Johannesburg.