These are Bankinter’s measures to alleviate the impact of coronavirus

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Bankinter has launched a shock plan to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on its operations clients, both for the cessation of their activity, in the case of companies and the self-employed, as well as a sharp drop in income due to an unemployment situation, ERTO or similar, in the case of individuals. It is a battery of compromises that also affect suppliers and employees.

To make known and facilitate access to the measures implemented, the entity has created a new web space,, which gathers in one place all the actions that the bank has been implementing since the crisis, as well as the new initiatives that are being generated for the next few days.

“This will happen and we will be here with you”

On this website you can see the “clear and testable commitments” that the Bankinter CEO Maria Dolores Dancausa has subscribed, in the first person, and through an open letter to all these stakeholders. For them, the chief executive of the bank sends one message of optimism and confidence, in which he emphasizes that “this will happen and we will be here with you”. “There is nothing more powerful than people committing to people today,” the CEO said in a letter.

Among the commitments made are: keep the job of all bank employees, thus continuing with an interrupted period of seven years generating quality employment.

In the field of private clients, the CEO of Bankinter agrees to allow the grace period of up to four months to be extended in the payment of the mortgage capital to those families who have suffered the impact of the crisis but who do not qualify for the mortgage moratorium approved in the Royal Decree Law.

Dancausa also ratifies simplify the conditions of income of the Payroll and Professional Account for all its current holders, so that they continue to enjoy all its advantages and commission exemption; as well as advance the collection of the pension in five days to the usual date for all client pensioners.

As for companies, the Chief Executive Officer assumes different commitments, such as “implementing from now on the initiatives promoted by the Government, making available a line of financing of € 100,000 million“.

A measure that joins the rest of the initiatives and credit facilities announced by the bank for its corporate clients, which are detailed in the new website, such as: defaults on loans for certain clients, the possibility of increasing or replacing the unused limits of ‘multiline financing’, or to allocate pre-authorized loans – tax payment and social insurance plans – to any other purpose, among others.

The web page also includes the measures applied for other groups, such as the ones of suppliers, for which the bank has approved advance payment of all your bills, setting a maximum period of 15 days, which means five days in advance of the current term, which is, on average, in the 20.


Series: “A nanny from hell”: the team meets 21 years later – Entertainment News: Television

Fran Drescher, who had played Miss Fine in “A nanny from hell” from 1993 to 1999, had announced a “surprise” to his fans a few days ago. This materialized on Tuesday on Instagram.

All the cast of the sitcom found themselves online for a reading of the script for the first episode, twenty-seven years after its broadcast, reveals “Variety”. The recording will be available Monday, April 6 in the morning on the YouTube page of Sony Pictures, the studio that produced the series. In the meantime, a photo of this virtual meeting has been unveiled on Fran Drescher’s Instagram account.

“A real boost”

“Laughter is the best medicine!” So, in these difficult times, Petah (editor’s note: Peter Marc Jacobson, co-creator of the series) and I thought it would be good to bring together the original actors of “Une nanny de Hell” for a virtual reading of the pilot, said Fran Drescher at “Variety”. This is a unique show of its kind for our fans around the world who are currently experiencing intense stress in isolation and who really need a real boost! It certainly gave one to all of us. We hope it will have the same effect for you. ”

“A hellish nanny” has been rebroadcast on TFX since Monday, March 23, with ten episodes between 8:50 am and 1:15 pm.

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Control your diabetes! Know the healthiest foods to regulate your blood sugar

Forget about high blood glucose forever, with this healthy diet you will see how your body will thank you.


Fish such as salmon, sardines, anchovies, herring and mackerel are an important source of fatty acids, their consumption will bring great benefits to the heart. This food also has high quality proteins, essential for your body.

Regulate your blood sugar with these delicious foods

Green vegetables

This type of vegetables will nourish you enough, it should also be noted that they are low in calories. Like its carbohydrates which are very low, helping to raise blood sugar levels.

These foods are an important source of antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein, elements that will improve your eyesight and protect it from macular degeneration and cataracts, common diseases resulting from diabetes.

Regulate your blood sugar with these delicious foods


You will be surprised at the benefits that eggs bring to our body! When we consume eggs, inflammation decreases, insulin sensitivity progresses, levels of good cholesterol increase, and last but not least, the size of bad cholesterol changes.

It is preferable to consume whole or cooked eggs. Cheer up!

Regulate your blood sugar with these delicious foods

Call of Duty authors win trial against army SUV manufacturer | Games

The New York City District Court dismissed AM General’s lawsuit against Activision Blizzard for unlawful use of the Humvee image in Call of Duty games. This was reported by the portal Kotaku.

Humvee or HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) – AM General’s SUV, widely used in the armed forces of the United States and several other countries. On its basis, civil cars were created under the Hummer brand.

A model of a similar vehicle appeared in several titles of the Call of Duty series. Representatives of AM General insisted that this happened without their permission and created a false sense of support for games from the manufacturer of the SUV.

Activision Blizzard’s position was based on the fact that the use of Humvee was due to creative choice. The company’s lawyers referred to the first amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech.

The court sided with the publisher. The decision stated that the creative goal of the developers was a realistic image of modern military conflicts. To achieve it, they had the right to use the Humvee, which are really at the disposal of the armed forces.

The “oil price war” between Saudi Arabia and Russia .. Goldman Sachs warns of an event that has not occurred since 1998

New York, United States of America (CNN) – The oil price war between Saudi Arabia and OPEC on the one hand and Russia on the other hand continues to enter April 1, which raises fears of oil barrel prices reaching the negative, according to observers.

With the increase in supply dramatically and the decline in demand for black crude, Goldman Sachs, which is one of the oldest financial and investment services institutions in the United States of America and the world, has highlighted that the continuation of the situation as it is means that stores, refineries, pipelines and oil tankers reach their maximum capacity which is not It has been happening since 1998, which means that the oil produced will have no capacity or destination to go.

The price of a barrel of oil falls below zero

While a barrel of West Texas oil and Brent mix are trading close to $ 20 a barrel, some other moods have fallen to individual numbers per barrel, while other prices, for example, Wyoming traded recently at “minus 19 US cents” a barrel, according to Bloomberg, its report last week. .

Even with regard to the available storage options, which is loaded onto giant oil tankers and stored there, this is not always an option, given that these tankers will eventually reach their highest levels of absorption and will not withstand the most massive pumping volume.

According to JBC Energy, 6 million barrels of oil per day will be “homeless” and wandering without a destination in April this figure, and this number is expected to rise to 7 million barrels of oil in May.


150 young people joined through the networks to make 3D masks and support health personnel

The pandemic brought many miseries but at the same time it brought many stories of solidarity. Throught social media 150 young people from the City of Buenos Aires were connected to make masks that protect health professionals. Thus, with 3D printers they create protectors that prevent the spread and spread of the virus.

They started to summon people under the motto United x Argentina and in two days they got more than 100 volunteers. They have internal and external logistics teams, donation management, press, communication, production and supply. They are producing more than 500 protectors per day, have an order of 7,000 and have already delivered more than 1,500 throughout the country.

These young people left their offices to be able to dedicate themselves fully to helping doctors and nurses who face the Covid-19 on the front line. “We are a group of people who decided to make masks to fight the coronavirus. We summoned ourselves through social networks, we had never met or knew each other but we saw the need and we started to work ”, explains Fernando, the leader of the organization Unidos x Argentina.

Each protector takes on average an hour and a half of work on each machine, and they are finished assembling with acetate or faded radiographs and an elastic. All are delivered free of charge to doctors, nurses, stretcher bearers, ambulance drivers, firefighters, police and even the military.

“We are happy to be able to contribute our grain of sand from our place, we could not sit idly by at home while our heroes fight this invisible enemy day after day without protection or supplies. Their smile is all the fuel we need to keep going, ”says Fernando.

3D printers are the property of every young person who joined the project. Today they already have a network of donations, among which is included the printing material, but when they started everything they used was proper to each volunteer.

-How do you distribute these masks throughout the country?

-The logistics girls have a network of volunteers with doctors, taxi drivers, firefighters -everyone with a traffic permit is welcome- and they coordinate the deliveries of both materials and headbands that are ready.

-Why are these masks useful?

The masks full face they have the particularity that they protect all the facial organs through which the virus could enter the body. Cover your eyes, nose, and mouth with an acetate plate, which can be replaced by a faded x-ray. Although by protocol they have to be used in conjunction with a mask, they put a physical barrier between the virus and the health personnel that keeps them much more protected, in addition to being sterilized and reused more than once.

-What donations do you need?

Radiographic plates to cover eyes, nose and mouth. In the 3D printer only the headband will be printed, the elastic is added and it is completed with acetate or a previously faded x-ray with bleach or chlorine. It is the plaque that acts as a physical barrier and prevents contagion. And obviously we also need people willing to help.

Gudde after criticism from Ajax: “Would you then operate on your own?”

KNVB director Eric Gudde finds it inconceivable that the union would choose not to play the Eredivisie. After criticizing the decision to play the league, the policy-maker says that the KNVB cannot operate on its own within UEFA.

“You are one of the 55 countries within a football community. You have international aspirations, you play in European Cup tournaments and on this front you would operate on your own? Then you get a strange situation,” says Gudde a day after the big UEFA meeting at the Algemeen Dagblad. “It is also the reason that we keep following the line of RIVM and the government in the corona crisis. We do nothing on our own.”

“Moreover, quitting now means that players will remain idle for longer if the foreign country does continue to play football in the summer. And the consequences for sponsors and other partners; I have not seen any solutions to this. Quitting now also affects the level of the solidarity payments from European football to the Dutch clubs, “said Gudde.

The KNVB received strong criticism from Ajax on Wednesday evening that it does not agree with the decision to finish the competition and thinks that the union is hiding behind UEFA. In any case, football will be shut down in the Netherlands until 1 June, so the summer months are already being looked at.

SpaceX prohibits zoom due to security concerns

In an email dated March 28, SpaceX informed employees that access to Zoom was deactivated with immediate effect. “We understand that many of us have used this tool for conferences and meeting support,” said SpaceX in the release. «Please use email, text or telephone as an alternative means of communication.»

Two people familiar with the matter confirmed the content of the email. NASA, one of SpaceX’s largest customers, also prohibits its employees from using the Zoom platform, said Stephanie Schierholz, a spokeswoman for the US space agency.

“Zoom bombing”

The FBI office in Boston issued a warning about zoom Monday, instructing users not to make meetings public on the website.

The FBI had previously received two reports of unidentified people who entered school sessions – a phenomenon known as “zoom bombing.”

The investigative news site “The Intercept” reported on Tuesday that zoom videos have no end-to-end encryption between users and that the company could view meetings.

A representative of SpaceX, which employs more than 6,000 people, did not respond to a request for comment. Zoom also did not immediately respond to an inquiry. The conference app advises users to activate all data protection functions on its platform.

March, the month with the fewest homicides in the last 27 years in Cali

April 01, 2020 – 11:30 p. m.

Drafting of El País

Between March 1 and 31, 67 homicides were registered in Cali, 32 fewer cases than those that occurred in the same month of 2019. That is, a reduction of 32%.

The figure, which is released by the city’s Security Observatory, and which is preliminary, “ranks this March in first place as the month with the lowest number of homicides since 1993.”

Carlos Alberto Rojas, secretary of Security and Justice of Cali, explained that “the year 2020 presents the lowest projected homicide rate in the history of registration. If the same daily homicide average continues (2.64 cases), at December 31 we would have a rate of 38.7 per 100,000 inhabitants (965 homicides in absolute numbers), being 14.9% lower than the rate presented in all year 2019 (45.4) ”.

“I am speaking in terms of percentages, which is how the violence homicide curve is measured today. Everything indicates that work continues well and the downward trend continues and the objective is to deepen it more and more, ”said the Secretary.

Last month it had a peculiarity, according to the authorities, and it was that the national mandatory isolation was crossed by the health emergency of the coronavirus. For example, in the last twelve days of the month, quarantine stage, there were five days with zero homicides.

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Given this, Rojas said that in some way the measures for the coronavirus have served, such as isolation. “In total there were eight days in March with zero violent deaths, being the first time that we have had so many days without homicide records,” he said.

The Security Observatory also reported that the first quarter of this year closed with 240 violent deaths in Cali, 25 fewer cases compared to the same period in 2019.

However, in the capital of the Valley there is an alert for the cases of femicides presented last month.

“At the moment, in the first quarter of the year, in Cali 10 femicides have been typified by the Prosecutor’s Office, according to what has been reported, and there are other cases that are under investigation,” the Mayor’s Office reported. Of that number, seven cases occurred between March 6 and March 31 of last month.

“This figure is considered quite high considering the behavior of the last years, we are on the brink of exceeding the figure for 2019, which was 12 femicides and we are only going in the first quarter of the year. It is likely that the quarantine has a lot to do with the increase in situations of violence, where the aggressors exercise control, submission and even reach the limit of the wild, “said Nancy Faride Arias, Undersecretary for Gender Equality in Cali.

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On the subject, the last case of femicide was presented last Tuesday, in a house in the Alfonso López neighborhood, east of Cali, where an 83-year-old man murdered his wife and later took his life.

General Manuel Vásquez, commander of the Cali Metropolitan Police, indicated that an investigation is underway to determine the motives for this case and took the opportunity to send a message to women and people who, due to their gender, are being victims of violence at home interior. “Report to the authorities without fear,” he said.