what becomes of his ex-wife Yaël, who accompanied his success?

Before finding happiness in the arms of Laurence Arné, Dany Boon lived 15 years of love with Yaël Harris, his former wife. The year 2018 indeed marked the end of a marriage for the duo, but also the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Dany Boon and Yaël Harris remained on good terms, to such an extent that the comedian did not hesitate to comfort the young woman in 2019, when she had to face the mourning of her father. Since her separation from the father of her three children, Yaël Harris has returned to her country of origin, Switzerland, where she seems to be spending happy days, according to the multiple photos published on social networks.

Rather active on Instagram, Yaël Harris seems to have remained very close to Dany Boon’s friends. The young woman has appeared on several occasions alongside Laeticia Hallyday, Patrick Bruel or even Line Renaud. On the platform, Eytan’s mother, Sarah and Elia Boon also kept the last name of her former husband.

In addition to having shared the life of Dany Boon for several years, Yaël Harris has also assisted him in the world of the seventh art. The latter has also accompanied him in the production of films. She was also recruited as artistic director in the American adaptation of Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis. A project that forced them to move with their family to the USA, but which was then canceled. The reason ? Dany Boon was simply disappointed with the scenarios that were offered to him and, against all (…)

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Stellantis, former Fiat workers go to study in France (for 160 euros a day) – Corriere.it

It certainly has a signaling value because it denotes a trend. Not a novelty in the true sense of the word – because it happened occasionally also in the past – but it certainly symbolizes a cultural revolution that Carlos Tavares wants to implement to raise productivity per employee. There is a spread – the top manager pointed out in the first meetings – between the Italian and French plants and it must be bridged so as not to proceed with rationalizations that can lead to a heavy social receipt. The Italian trade unions actually attribute it to the low production saturation of the tricolor factories. Few models produced, high use of social safety nets, inevitably raise operating costs: the result is that the average productivity per employee is not up to par

Difficult to calculate the effect and the cause. What Tavares wants it for that Italian workers go to study the French model, properly paid. For this reason in Melfi, which alone makes half of the cars produced in Italy by Stellantis, the company management sent an email to the workers to collect the candidacies of those who, among team leaders, maintenance technicians, drivers or quality staff, had the desire to go away for a few days to study how colleagues from beyond the Alps work. The daily allowance would be 160 euros gross per day, 120 net, and is used to pay the living costs of the temporary transfer. The company is filtering the desire to train workers now that they are widely under-used and the use of layoffs is massive.

The contemporary crisis of microprocessors – with implants Europeans and Americans running out of chips, that is, the physical brains of cars – puts a strain on production. Melfi has just closed until May 10: there are no microprocessors and hypotheses of restyling of the organizational machine are already being studied with the feasibility study on a single assembly line that is so agitating the confederates due to the potential reduction of production capacity. You will see. Simone Marinelli, automotive coordinator of Fiom Cgil, says that the request for travel just planned by the company has neither a positive nor a negative connotation. If it favors a cultural hybridization between models, it must be taken with enthusiasm. Without to dismantle the production model of FCA in Italy. Investments on the 5.5 billion lines (and models) in the top floor have been made. Workers have skills to sell. If anything, new models have to be designed to saturate the systems in a moment for which neither the retail market nor the microchip supply chain finished in shortage of components allows great ambitions.

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THE CPU BUDGET KING? Intel Core i5-11400F | Is there competition for AMD Ryzen on a tight budget? – PC Games Hardware

  1. THE CPU BUDGET KING? Intel Core i5-11400F | Is there competition for AMD Ryzen on a tight budget?PC Games Hardware
  2. Specter is alive: Side-channel attacks on AMD Ryzen and Intel Core possibleComputer base
  3. Tuesday: Return of the Specter, price confusion and a lot of hydrogen fansheise online
  4. Intel and AMD CPUs: Researchers discover new side-channel attack – HardwareluxxHardwareLuxx
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Ford has released an X-version of the “charged” pickup Ranger Raptor – Motor

According to the publication Muscle Cars & Trucks, the Australian division of Ford has presented a new modification of the Ranger pickup called Raptor X. The X version differs from the standard “Raptor” by a pair of black stripes with a red border on the hood, roof and rear side. The “charged” pickup also received stripes on the sides of the body, and the radiator grille, outside handles, air vents on the fenders and fog lamp housings are painted in matte black. Ford has also fitted the Ranger Raptor X with new Asphalt Black matte wheels with 33-inch tires, red front towing eyes, black Ford lettering on the tailgate and red contrast stitching on the steering wheel and dashboard.

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Today in Switzerland – SWI swissinfo.ch


Astronauts leaving, others returning, drone images from Mars: space is once again very present in the media. To talk about it, RTS La Première received this morning the astrophysicist Willy Benz, one of the fathers of the Swiss space telescope Cheops.

In recent weeks, no one in the French-speaking world can ignore who Thomas Pesquet is. Nor that the French astronaut will soon command the International Space Station, which he joined with his comrades aboard a SpaceX vessel, the company of the very media Elon Musk.

The arrival of the private sector on the rocket market largely contributes to this renewed interest in space exploration.. By dividing the price of a launch by a factor of 3 or 4, SpaceX and soon the others are causing a draft into space. And we find ourselves planning the return to the Moon, then dreaming of Mars.

In this race, Switzerland is not to be outdone. She has of course no rocket and a single astronaut (the race for succession is also open), but she is a leader in the study of exoplanets, these worlds revolving around distant stars.

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Guy Ritchie’s action movie topped the box office in Russia and the CIS – Rambler / cinema

Guy Ritchie’s Hollywood action movie “Human Wrath” topped the box office in Russia and the CIS, collecting 141.4 million rubles over the past weekend. Unofficial data was reported by the kinobusiness.com portal.

According to the plot, the main character infiltrates a cash collection company in order to find the accomplices of several multimillion-dollar robberies that shook Los Angeles. The main role in the film was played by the main “macho” of Hollywood, Jason Statham.

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Now the elite soldier is talking about the operation

He was feared as a terrorist prince, was considered to be the mastermind behind the attacks of September 11, 2001 and was then hunted by the USA. In the end, Osama bin Laden († 54) hid in a house in Pakistan. But specialists tracked him down.

As a result, US elite soldiers from the famous “Team Six” stormed the house and killed the Al Qaeda boss. The trigger then pulled the ex-Navy Seal Robert O’Neill (45). Ten years have passed since then. But the 45-year-old can still remember the mission very well.

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Madeleine McCann: from a motorhome to eight thousand photos, the clues that compromise the main suspect

What happened in the night of May 3, 2007 it is still a mystery. Kate and Gerry McCann were on vacation in Algarve, Portugal. They were staying at the resort Praia da Luz Ocean Club when they decided to go out to eat with some friends at a tapas bar that was located just 100 meters from the accommodation. His three-year-old daughter and 18-month-old twin brothers were left in the room.

The adults had taken turns going to the room to check every so often that the boys were okay. On one of those visits, the mother of the family opened the door and saw that the little girl was missing. The window in the room facing the street? Open.

Out of the anguish and despair these parents felt came a 14-year investigation that still has no clear answers and why the world still wonders: What happened to Madeleine McCann?

Madeleine McCann’s parents hold a photo that recreates what their daughter would have looked like in 2012File

The search promoted by the British couple went through different stages in which even they themselves came to be targeted as suspects, with the police of Portugal, England and Germany posing their hypotheses and dedicating an infinity of resources to find the little girl who was about to turn four years old and, As of today, I would be 17.

In May 2007 the world was moved by the image of Madeleine missing, with that innocent look exacerbated by her blond hair and green eyes. Her parents could only speak of “anguish and despair” while the Portuguese police raised the hypothesis of a kidnapping, although they kept hoping to find the little girl alive.

The Portuguese officers were joined by those from London, who still keep the search active as a child, a operation that cost from 2011 to now 12.5 million pounds.

However, McCann they know that the investigation cannot last forever, according to a friend of hers told the newspaper The Sun. Along these lines, Maddie’s parents managed to collect 750 thousand pounds in case the metropolitan police closes the case and they are forced to continue with the search on their part.

Madeleine McCann was kidnapped in May 2007 in Portugal
Madeleine McCann was kidnapped in May 2007 in PortugalFile

The German police appear to be holding the strongest conjecture. Is that, in June 2020, the prosecutor of Braunschweig -city located in the center of the country- Hans Christian Wolters, he told the newspaper The Mirror: “We have concrete evidence, but I can’t say why she is dead. It is no longer a disappearance, but a murder”.

The culprit, according to the German investigation, is Christian Brueckner, a 44-year-old man born in Germany, currently is in prison for raping a 72-year-old American woman two years before Madeleine’s disappearance in the same place where the girl was vacationing with her family, Praia da Luz.

The Portuguese police in full search of the body of Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz.
The Portuguese police in full search of the body of Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz.EFE

Brueckner He was only taken to prison in December 2019, after DNA tests were carried out on a hair found at the scene. The details of what he did to the woman are really lurid. He gagged her, sexually assaulted her, and stole her.

The german criminal He lived between 1995 and 2007 in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve area, where he worked and also committed a series of crimes. He accidentally left Portuguese lands the same year he disappeared Madeleine and he moved to his native country, where he continued committing crimes related to drug trafficking.

The main suspect in the Madeleine McCann case
The main suspect in the Madeleine McCann case

While living in the Algarve region, Brueckner He drove in two different cars, a dark Jaguar XJE 6 with a German patent, and a white and yellow Volkswagen pickup with a Portuguese license plate.

That May 3, 2007, this last truck -of the typical ones used to go camping-, was seen in the vicinity of Praia da Luz, which compromises the suspect. In addition, the German criminal transferred his Jaguar to someone else’s name the day after the disappearance of Maddie.

Suspect transferred his Jaguar vehicle one day after Madeleine McCann disappeared
Suspect transferred his Jaguar vehicle one day after Madeleine McCann disappearedMet Police / BBC

The leads involving the suspect grew over time. It is that the officers registered a 30-minute call from his number to another with the same characteristic, that of Portugal. The police tried to find the interlocutor of Brueckner because he considered him a “very important witness” but so far he has not succeeded.

In mid-2020, Hazel Behan, a woman who was gagged and raped in 2004 in an apartment in Praia da Rocha, Portugal, said the German man could have been her attacker. At the time, she was 20 years old and the case had been closed until the image of the rapist was made public due to his alleged relationship with the disappearance of Madeleine.

The suspect also has a pedophile record that further compromises. For example, in 1994, when he was just 17 years old, he was convicted of abusing a child in Bavaria. But more recently, in 2015, When a five-year-old girl, nicknamed the “German Madeleine McCann”, Inga Gehricke, disappeared while on a picnic with her family, the man was near the area, in an abandoned factory in Braunschweig, in northern Germany, where it is presumed that he lived for some time.

Madeleine McCann: German Police dig in a garden for clues
Madeleine McCann: German Police dig in a garden for cluesAFP

No He never appeared but the police did not find enough evidence to charge his alleged kidnapper. However, in his search, when searching the factory, he found 8000 photos about child pornography and that the pedophile had buried under Charlie, his deceased dog.

A series of memoirs were also found and pendrives that had more images inside them, in which it was discovered that the rapist had abused his ex-girlfriend’s five-year-old daughter in a park.

To these last chilling details are added others such as that, near the abandoned shed, his motorhome, which could be the Volkswagen that Brueckner used to transfer to Madeleine in Algarve. There the German police found girls swimming suits and children’s clothing. That vehicle, he told his friends, was ideal “for hiding drugs and children.”

Madeleine McCann, 3, disappeared from the hotel room where she slept, on a beach in Portugal and since then her whereabouts have been a mystery to family members and investigators
Madeleine McCann, 3, disappeared from the hotel room where she slept, on a beach in Portugal and since then her whereabouts have been a mystery to family members and investigatorsFile

We still assume that the defendant, Christian B., killed Madeleine. Although it is very difficult after all this time to carry out the investigation of the case that will turn 14 years old, we remain optimistic and hopeful that we will be able to solve this crime ”, the prosecutor recently concluded Wolters.

However, there is still insufficient evidence to impose charges on Brueckner in relation to the disappearance of the British girl. “I must assume that they do not have concrete evidence,” said his lawyer in February, Friedrich Fulscher.

Madeleine's parents, greeted by dozens of children with the image of the missing little girl
Madeleine’s parents, greeted by dozens of children with the image of the missing little girlFile

In case of Madeleine McCann It has the world in suspense for 14 years and it is one of those events whose network may never be resolved. In the middle, there are two destroyed parents whose lives were frozen on that night of May 3, 2007, when they last saw their beloved daughter.

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Art mission for kids: the best picture will adorn the Jupiter rocket

ESA wants to inspire the younger generations with a new campaign for space. Children up to the age of twelve can submit their works of art to the space agency. The winning picture will then adorn an Ariane 5 rocket on its launch to Jupiter next year.

ESA makes children part of an exciting space mission

It is a good custom that each space mission is accompanied by its own illustration, which can often be found on the rocket. In this regard, the European Space Agency ESA is now calling on children up to the age of twelve to become part of the upcoming “JUpiter ICy moons Explorer” mission, or JUICE for short, with creative works. “The Juice Up Your Rocket! Art competition calls on all children ages 3 to 12 to help ESA create an illustration to decorate the giant Ariane 5 rocket that will take the spacecraft on its long journey to the planet Jupiter will start. ”
ESA calls on kids: Juice Up Your Rocket!
As the agency writes on the JUICE art competition website, the little artists should be inspired by the mission and the planet Jupiter and its large moons. A jury of experts, “led by Paxi”, the official ESA children’s mascot, will then select the “most inspiring work of art”. In the next step, a sticker measuring around 4 x 3.4 m will be made from the winning illustration, which will then adorn the payload fairing – that is, the “nose” of the Ariane 5 rocket – at the planned launch in 2022. The image is also used in connection with all other parts of the JUICE campaign.

Not only the winner wins

But there are also rewards for all other participants. ESA is putting together a gift package for the twelve best works of art – including a Lego model of the JUICE space probe on a scale of 1:60. In addition, these images will be immortalized in a JUICE calendar for 2022, which will be freely available online. Last but not least, all participants will receive a certificate of participation and the contributions will be available in a separate picture gallery on the ESA Kids website. All other conditions of participation for the Juice Up Your Rocket! You can find the art competition in the guidelines PDF.

Download Paint.NET Download – Free photo editor

Esa, Art, Jupiter, Painter, Paxi, JUICE

Esa, Art, Jupiter, Painter, Paxi, JUICE


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Spanish military died after receiving vaccine from AstraZeneca. “There is no doubt that it was a consequence of the administration”, says minister & nda …

After receiving the vaccine from AstraZeneca, Corporal Francisco Pérez Benítez, from the Infantry Regiment America 66, in Aizoáin, in the community of Navarra, complained of severe headaches and a general malaise that he was unable to resolve for himself. only. He sought help from the barracks medical post, was transported to the emergency room of a local health center after the woman found him passed out in the bathroom and ended up being admitted to the clinic where he would die on April 23, 17 days after be vaccinated against Covid-19. “Thrombosis of the cerebral sinus with thrombocytopenia and cerebral hemorrhage” was what dictated the result of the autopsy of the corporal, 35 years old and just four months from being a father.

This Monday, the Spanish Minister of Defense put an end to the doubts that have since arisen and publicly guaranteed: the death of Francisco Pérez is directly related to the vaccine with which he was inoculated. “From the medical reports that were provided to us, there seems to be no doubt that the death was the result of the vaccine being administered,” Margarita Robles told the press, after visiting the regiment to which the corporal belonged.

“It is a difficult situation but the vaccine is also an insurance policy”, he insisted on recalling the minister, recalling that “it is important that people get vaccinated”. The EMA (European Medicines Agency) has already recognized a “possible link” between the vaccine from the University of Oxford, developed in conjunction with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, and very rare cases of blood clots with low levels of platelets, recalls this Monday’s edition El País fair, in the same article in which it reports Margarita Robles’ statements.

In total, since the vaccine received the green light and until the death of the Spanish military, 222 cases of thrombus had been accounted for in 35 million doses administered in the European Union. Since the EMA report was made public, vaccination with the AstraZeneca drug has been restricted to the population between 60 and 69 years of age.


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