The sensor technology for autonomous driving from Eyyes from Krems beats Elon Musk’s e-car empire.

It reads like the classic “David vs. Goliath” story from the tech sector: an Austrian start-up competes with the US Silicon Valley. The company Eyyes (formerly AVI-Systems) from Krems has developed a sensor technology for autonomous driving, which should offer the same computing power as well-known US competition, but uses 90 percent less energy.

In addition to e-mobility, autonomous driving is one of the core and future topics with which the automotive industry is concerned: Smart, automated solutions in terms of driver assistance and more are becoming more and more state of the art and here – until now – are the “Big Market-leading player from Silicon Valley. Tesla, Google and Co. have long been leading the way when it comes to development and, above all, put massive pressure on the classic automotive industry and the European market. This is exactly where the start-up Eyyes from Krems wants to start and, according to its own statements, support the European automotive industry in making up for this deficit.

Serious Tesla competition from Krems

Until recently, Eyyes was known as AVI Systems in Germany (the name was only changed in July 2020) and specialized in intelligent object recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning. Eyyes compared the performance of its own technology with that of Tesla (the comparative values ​​are those that the US company stated itself) and came to the interesting conclusion that the Lower Austrian company in the field of deep learning and chip architecture more than is competitive.

The data from the Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) computer was compared with the deep learning AI box developed by Eyyes, which is able to process real-time images of a Full HD camera sensor with only two to six watts of power consumption – This corresponds to a saving in energy loss of around 90 percent compared to the Tesla FSD. This means that Eyyes technology is proven to deliver at least the same performance as Tesla technology – but with only a tenth of the energy consumption

“Safe complete solution for image processing with maximum performance with minimum energy consumption”

This result is made possible by an optimized type of computing power and data processing, which Eyyes has developed over many years with the support of national and European research funding in Germany and Austria. The technology is to be installed in autonomous vehicles in the form of application-specific but also generic neurochips, although other sensors such as LiDAR, RADAR and ultrasound can also be integrated.

“In road traffic and especially when driving autonomously, the safety of all other road users is paramount. Millions of data must be recorded and evaluated in a fraction of a second.” With our deep learning accelerator tool set we offer an innovative all-in-one solution for image processing that does not need any open source components, combines maximum performance with minimal energy consumption and thus creates the conditions for the highest security standards “, says Johannes Traxler, founder and managing director of Eyyes.

Eyyes technology already in use at CarEye Safety Angle

According to the slogan of the company “We make machines see”, Eyyes technology is currently used primarily in the image processing of intelligent and autonomous systems. The Krems-based start-up describes itself on its homepage as “Europe-wide technology leader for Safe Artificial Intelligence with applications in mobility and industry”. This is used particularly in mobility, as the Eyyes technology is already integrated in the intelligent turning assistance system “CarEye Safety Angle” for trucks.

“High-tech camera monitor systems combined with AI and deep learning technology not only detect moving objects, such as other vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians, but also classify and analyze them and their further movement in real time. We offer With our pioneering technology, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and chip manufacturers are already able to use high-performance AI to their advantage in all vehicles with very low power consumption, “eexplains Wolfgang Domann, who has been the managing director of Eyyes for marketing and sales since the beginning of the year. (red)