World AIDS Day 2021 – AIDS Aid Vienna and Wiener Linien call for solidarity
Photo: Aids Hilfe Wien / Hammerschmid

21 Nov


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From November 22nd to December 6th, 2021, all trams in Vienna run with flags on which the logo of Aids Hilfe Wien can be seen with the “red ribbon”.

Vienna (OTS) – Even forty years after the first AIDS cases occurred, the world is still a long way from achieving the common goal of ending the epidemic. Not because there is a lack of knowledge or tools to reduce new HIV infections and fight AIDS, but because of structural inequalities that make access to HIV prevention and treatment more difficult.

Especially with regard to the current pandemic-related challenges, a sense of responsibility and commitment to solidarity with one another are particularly important. As Aids Hilfe Wien, we therefore call on people to show the ribbon against the exclusion and unequal treatment of HIV-positive people on the occasion of World AIDS Day on December 1st.

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“The“ Red Ribbon ”symbol is a sign of solidarity with HIV-positive people. And this solidarity is still urgently needed today. Because HIV-positive people still experience discrimination and exclusion. We therefore promote the issue of HIV / AIDS all people on Vienna’s streets visible. I am very happy that the flag campaign for World AIDS Day is taking place in cooperation with Wiener Linien support ”, emphasizes Andrea Brunner, managing director of Aids Hilfe Wien.

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“Wiener Linien stands for active tolerance and solidarity. With the flags on our more than 500 trams, we are also setting a visible sign of fair cooperation, ”said Wiener Linien Managing Director Alexandra Reinagl.

HIV Today – The Facts

  • If diagnosed and treated in good time, people with HIV now have an approximately average life expectancy and can live and work like other people.
  • Almost 42.5% of those affected only find out about their HIV infection at an advanced stage. Reasons why the infection remains unnoticed for a long time can be a lack of risk awareness or fear of a diagnosis (also due to possible social discrimination).[1[1
  • Discrimination and the fear of it outweigh the health consequences of the infection itself for many people with HIV today.

So it’s about breaking down prejudice and discrimination on the one hand and educating people about HIV / AIDS on the other.

In this sense, the activities related to World AIDS Day, such as the flag campaign with Wiener Linien, make a significant contribution to raising awareness in order to ultimately reduce discrimination in connection with HIV. All actions are adapted to the current situation and therefore take place either online or as visibility actions in public space.

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