The Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs at Minoritenplatz in Vienna
Bild: Picture-Alliance

The Austrian Foreign Ministry assures Washington that it will support it to investigate the increasing number of cases of illness among US diplomats in Vienna. As had previously been the case with embassy staff at other locations, they complained of headaches and nausea.

ÖAustria pledges to help the United States solve the mysterious illnesses of American diplomats. According to media reports, the complaints known as “Havana Syndrome” such as headaches and nausea of ​​unknown cause had recently accumulated among American diplomats in Vienna. “We take these reports very seriously and, in accordance with our role as host state, are working with the US authorities on a joint investigation,” said the Austrian Foreign Ministry.

As reported by the AP news agency, the American government is currently investigating about 20 cases. In addition to health experts from the American State Department, the Department of Defense and the CIA are also involved. “Together with other government departments, we are investigating reports of possible unexplained health incidents in the US embassy in Vienna,” said the State Department in an initial statement. The victims were treated “promptly and appropriately”. First, New Yorker magazine reported on the cases. The first reports about this should have been given shortly after Joe Biden took office.

Since the syndrome first appeared in the Cuban capital Havana in 2016, dozens of diplomats around the world have complained about it, including in China. In the Cuban capital, more than 20 embassy employees had suffered from mysterious ear problems since November 2016. Some of those affected had permanently lost their hearing. Other symptoms were tinnitus, headache, dizziness and insomnia. The United States has raised suspicions that those affected were attacked using radio frequencies.