Great chaos reigned among hundreds of thousands of parents, who did not know whether their children could go to school. The new Chancellor Schallenberg was unable to give a clear answer. On the one hand, the schools remained open, while at the same time an appeal was made to educate the children at home as much as possible. “This is a typical Austrian solution. Unsatisfactory,” teacher Hildegard Höller told ORF.


There will be a hard lockdown for the next three weeks. Tourists are also out of luck, the cozy ski huts are closed. Working alone and walking, just like shopping, is allowed to visit the doctor or pharmacy. And the ski slope is only open to ‘2G citizens’.

This condition lasts until December 11, until the real winter sports season starts. Then pricked or cured people are ‘free again’, announced Schallenberg (ÖVP), who took over from party colleague Sebastian Kurz, who is suspected of corruption. The travel industry relies on a happy ending. “I am confident that the season will take place,” said the tour company TUI.


Last weekend, forty thousand people protested in Vienna against the new lockdown and the upcoming injection obligation. “Protest for freedom and against the measures,” shouted the right-wing FPÖ. Its leader Herbert Kickl recommended a controversial equine drug, which left some citizens seriously ill. Kickl now has Covid-19 himself.

Many citizens are disappointed about the lockdown, just as many understand it. Because about 1,100 Austrians per 100,000 currently have corona. Three thousand people are in hospital. In Salzburg and the surrounding area, doctors decide who to treat by triage.

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Obligation to puncture

In the background, there is a threat of a general injection obligation from February. However, doctors and nurses in Austria think it is too late. If you do not have a shot after that, the fine is 3600 euros.

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