Australian researchers are developing vaccine patches against Corona

Updated on 08/02/2022 at 11:30 am

  • Researchers from Queensland in Australia are developing an alternative to the classic corona vaccination.
  • A plaster should help especially against variants like Omikron – and at the same time be up to eleven times more effective.

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Scientists from the University of Queensland are currently working on a patch against COVID-19. The Australian study published in the journal “Vaccine” presents the new method.

The so-called HD-MAP technology (high-density microarray patch) is intended to be an alternative to corona vaccination. The plaster attached to the skin can “penetrate precisely into the skin layers that are rich in immune cells,” explains study author Christopher McMillan in the scientific journal “Sciencedaily”.

Positive research results

A mouse study has provided new results. “We found that vaccination via a patch was about 11 times more effective in controlling the omicron variant than the same vaccine administered via a needle.” The research was conducted in collaboration with Brisbane-based biotechnology company Vaxxas.

The technology has the potential to be a new and more effective weapon, says McMillan. The large number of mutations in the omicron variant has given the virus the ability to evade the immune responses generated by current vaccines.

Patches have high effectiveness

The patches are therefore more effective than corona injections. In addition, it is easier to administer. Nevertheless, it is “important to emphasize that existing vaccines are still an effective means of combating severe disease progression”.

In addition to a vaccine patch, researchers are also working on other new vaccines against corona. Several teams are currently working on the development of vaccines that are administered through the nose. With this method, the virus is to be fought and neutralized directly at the entry point, the mucous membranes.
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