Audi's plans for its electrified RS models

Sport Audi is working on a new generation of electrified RS models and it promises to be just as exciting as current combustion engine models.

The brand with the four rings has taken the highway towards electrification and already has a large range of electric cars. But how will this affect its sportier models? Sebastian GramsCEO of Audi Sporthas explained to Autocar Audi’s plans for its electrified RS models and promises to be just as exciting as current combustion.

Audi has a significant challenge ahead in its RS division. As Grams has stated to the aforementioned medium, the next electrified RS models will not be “less amazing” than the current ones.

The truth is that Audi’s RS line has already started this journey towards zero emissions, thanks to the Audi RS e-tron GT, but the director of Audi Sport promises that many more high-performance models will arrive in the coming years, Come in pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

Sport Audi’s plans for its electrified RS models

The intention of the manufacturer from Ingolstadt is clear: to match the wide range of electrified vehicles from BMW M y Mercedes-AMG. Currently, Audi does not have an alternative to models such as the BMW M8 Coupé, BMW X5 MMercedes-AMG EQE o Mercedes-AMG C63.

“We are going in the direction of high-performance plug-in hybrid systems and I can tell you that it will be no less amazing than what you are driving today. I personally think there will also be more opportunities to design the driving performance to be even more amazing for the customer.”

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Grams referred to Mode Operation of the R8 GT and hinted that it could be combined with the electric motors to create a fun and unique driving experience. However, as with electrical components of any kind, the Audi RS will have to carefully balance power against weight to retain the agility inherent in most RS models.

Sport No hybrid RS models

Currently, Audi does not have a hybrid car in its RS range, there are only light hybrid options, as is the case with the Audi RS 7, but it does not influence the performance of the car or the driving experience, as it does, for example. , with rivals such as the BMW XM.

As for pure electric RS models, the German brand will be based on the RS e-tron GT, as Grams explained: “We have our Audi RS Q3 and Audi RS Q8, which are very well accepted in the market. But we will also bring more SUV models in the RS segment and in the electric segment. We have 16 different models within the RS portfolio and we try to offer the perfect product for different customer groups.”

Everything indicates that the RS division will expand in the coming years, with models such as the Audi RS Q6 e-tron, a new electric SUV that will share a platform with the expected electric Porsche Macan.

Sport Will there be a successor to the R8 and TT?

On the other hand, in the interview with Autocar, the general director of Audi Sport also mentioned two emblematic models for the brand, the R8 and the TT. About the first, Grams said that “our greatest wish is that it has a successor.” However, he did not give more details about it.

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As for the Audi TT, he was also not very clear when it came to talking about the brand’s plans for a fully electric successor and limited himself to saying an intriguing “we’ll see what the future holds.”



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