Audiences: Box for the return of “Candice Renoir” very large leader in front of “Game of Talents”, France 5 to the million

Friday evening, France 2 rose to the top of the audiences with the great return of “Candice Renoir”, her successful French series carried by Cécile Bois. The first two episodes launching this unprecedented season 9 gathered 5.22 million followers of the program according to Médiamétrie. The audience share of individuals aged four and over reached 27.8%, while the market share of Women responsible for purchases under fifty (FRDA-50) stood at 16.1%.
On Friday August 28, 2020 facing “Koh-Lanta”, the unprecedented return of “Candice Renoir”, after an interruption due to a health crisis, had gathered 3.79 million viewers, on average, or 18.2% of the entire audience, including 4.44 million viewers (20.2% 4+) for the only new episode of season 8 of the evening.

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TF1 follows with the launch of “Game of Talents”, its entertainment produced by Fremantle and hosted by Jarry. Welcoming Iris Mittenaere, Florent Peyre and Camille Lacourt, Camille Cerf, Maxime Dereymez and Inoxtag, the evening amused 2.40 million curious people, or 14.0% of the public, for a FRDA-50 market share of 23.5% . TF1 is thus the leader last night on the commercial target.
Last week, “Mystery Duos”, an entertainment presented by Alessandra Sublet, attracted 2.51 million viewers (15.4% 4+ / 25.0% FRDA-50).
On Friday July 17, 2020, the launch of “Good Singers”, a musical entertainment also presented by Jarry, attracted 3.18 million fans (18.2% 4+ / 29.6% FRDA-50).

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As in tradition, M6 always relied on its American series “NCIS”, led by Mark Harmon. The evening, consisting of a season 18 premiere and a rerun, attracted 2.13 million serial fans, a 4+ audience share of 11.1% and a market share of 13.7% on housewives under fifty. The unreleased track alone captured 2.45 million fans (12.1% 4+ / 16.2% FRDA-50).
A week ago, this same American series had gathered 1.72 million fans (9.8% 4+).

France 5 million

On France 3, the second part of the documentary in rebroadcasting “The TV of the 90s”, directed by Pascal Drapier, fascinated 1.33 million followers of the small skylight, that is to say an audience share of 7.5% ( 7.8% FRDA-50).
Last week, the first part of this same doc had federated 1.46 million aficionados, or an audience share of 9.2%.

On the side of the other channels, France 5 is essential with “The roads of the impossible”, its documentary evening of Friday which conquered 1.00 million adventurers, or 5.1% of the public (2.3% FRDA -50).



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