Audax returned to Florida after 572 days and is excited about an international tournament

This Saturday is a special day for Audax Italianowell returned to Florida Bicentennial Stadium after 572 days, when it fell on Unión La Calera, because the venue is a vaccination center against the coronavirus. This afternoon was of course completely different for the Italian cast.

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And that’s it they beat Everton by the minimum score in a very close game where both teams had great chances. Of course, Floridians had the clearest. In the first half, a good play by Michael Fuentes ended with a goal by Luis Riveros.

But the attacker retaliated. in the last few minutes Luis Riveros (82′) shot from outside the area and low, so Jorge Peña, the Viñamarino goalkeeper, could not control the shot. Almost a year and a half for the Kursief to be able to celebrate at home again.

In this way, Audax Italiano climbed to seventh place in the PlanVital Championship with 30 points, the last one that gives a place in the Copa Sudamericana, so it is filled with illusion. Everton, meanwhile, fell to eighth place with one less unit and are left empty-handed for the time being.

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