Attention! this physical activity worsens cellulite, the study explains why

A certain physical activity makes cellulite worse instead of effectively fighting it and it is important to know why it happens. But first of all we need to explain what cellulite is.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is nothing more than a resource stored by the lymphatic system which acts as a vehicle for substances useful for the whole organism. Due to various reasons, these deposits can be altered or broken, blocking the microcirculation. Once the contents have poured out, it creates that lump of cellulite that we hate so much.

The triggering reasons that cause this involuntary overflow are different and can be caused by genetics, sedentary life, smoking or stress and even hormonal alterations. All factors that indicate that our circulation is not making the right “turn” to consume the deposits.

There are several types of cellulite:

  • stringy;
  • edematosa;
  • adipose.

Fibrous cellulite is formed in the figure of the woman who has an excellent physical shape and can boast toned muscles. The microcirculation, despite physical exercise, can be blocked by hormonal decompensation or by poorly nutritious foods. The imperfections are almost one with the woman and can also occur on those bodies that give ample space to sport.

The edematous cellulite pattern takes over in middle age or in cases where there have been sudden weight loss. The skin has lost its natural elasticity and the body is flabby where there was the greatest accumulation of fat. Very often you can see the manifestation of this cellulite under the arms or in the inner thigh.

The last one, adipose cellulite, is often associated with being overweight because it is compact. It is the type of cellulite that is less noticeable because the accumulations of fat do not have that particular orange peel aspect but remain very compact so as to make the adipose areas look shapely. In short, it is cellulite that gives a certain attractiveness.

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Physical activity worsens cellulite

Physical activity makes cellulite worse, what is it? It’s the race. The jolts to which the body is subjected, especially in uneven and uneven ground, cause micro-lesions to the blood vessels. Such breaks tend, it is not known how, to increase the presence of cellulite. The greatest damage occurs when you start practicing running at any moment.

Perhaps the stress that the body is subjected to due to excessive and improvised exertion can be the trigger for the deterioration. The ideal would be to play a sport that increases the heart rate without exaggerating and keeps breathing at a constant pace. Therefore, it is better to practice brisk walking for at least half an hour a day or to practice healthy Nordic Walking which also takes advantage of the mobility of the arms.

With the practice of fast walking we can also decide to raise the bar and dedicate a training to running. However, it is better to ask to be followed by a personal trainer so that he can advise us and prepare a structured training plan. Our body does not like improvisations and it immediately shows it by making cellulite appear.



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