The French journalist had created a controversy by having a first inappropriate reaction, when discovering the images of planes hitting the World Trade Center.

“They did well to blame me. Frankly it was stupid ”. 20 years after the attacks of September 11, 2001, commemorated this Saturday by the United States, David Pujadas said he regretted his reaction when he discovered the images of planes hitting the two towers of the World Trade Center, on the set of “Quotidien” (TMC). As a reminder, the journalist had launched “Wouah, genial!”, While he was filmed by a team of Canal Plus, who was reporting on him. The encrypted channel then published the video, which created a controversy.

“It’s appalling,” he admitted Wednesday. It is the story of a journalist who arrives, who is young, who is 36 years old … And there is a television crew following him. I then try to be jaded. It’s ridiculous. It was the will to show that nothing impressed me. The paradox is that if it hadn’t been for this TV crew, I wouldn’t have said that ”.

(The essential / 20Minutes)