Attack on Titan 4, disastrous debut: Crunchyroll down, what happens?

The wait for the final part of the fourth season of theAttack of the Giants it seemed over, instead Crunchyroll, the site and platform that currently holds the rights to the last season produced by the MAPPA studio, suffered an unexpected shutdown, thus precluding the millions of viewers around the world who were waiting for the return of the series.

A few minutes after the scheduled time, 21:45 in Italy, were enough to unleash hell on the web. Each social network has been invaded by complaints aimed at the poor management of the exclusivity so noble in recent days. A boast paid dearly by the same platform, which currently, about two hours after the debut of the new tranche of episodes dedicated to the work of Hajime Isayama, is still inaccessible.

As you can see from the various testimonials reported below, the general disappointment arose in exasperated posts and heavy criticisms directed at the platform, which became first among the world trends on Twitter with more than 82 thousand tweets published in the last hour. Fortunately, several users have decided to play down with scenes from the anime taken and decontextualized in an ironic sense about the current situation of Crunchyroll servers.

However, for a platform that also requires a subscription, as the anime would only be available to premium users, this is a serious precedent, which delays the vision of one of the most anticipated series of the winter season, exclusively, and can cause the loss of many customers who are rightfully dissatisfied with the service. In the meantime, let’s console ourselves with the official opening and ending.

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