Atmospheric trailer sets the mood for the journey of discovery

Solo developer Jonas Manke and Future Friends Games want to get in the mood for a voyage of discovery in Omno with the trailer “The Forgotten Lands”. The single-player adventure through an ancient world full of wonders originally began its journey on Kickstarter and will be released this summer for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass – and will follow a short time later on Switch (for demo).

“Omno is an atmospheric adventure in which the player embarks on a journey of discovery through an ancient world full of wonders. Solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and discover secrets of a long-forgotten civilization. Let yourself be through forests, deserts, icy tundras and even across the Guide clouds. “

As a preview: gamescom 2019 also provides a stage for smaller indie pearls. The Omno action adventure belongs in this category. Jonas Manke’s title actually seemed far too fluid for a one-man project the first time it was played – both in the animations of the dream-like fantasy world and in the flow of the mechanics of surfing, boosting, jumping and teleporting.

Last actual video: The Forgotten Lands


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