ATM, always do this before paying: here’s why

The Bancomat is one of the most widespread forms of “electronic money” in our country: in fact it represents one of the first forms of payment cards and related circuits for withdrawing through compatible ATMs.

It is a technology that began to spread from the 80s, and which during the 90s and 2000s was the main form of electronic money, together with wire transfers. Bancomat as a term has also become the “action itself” of payment via POS or withdrawal.

ATM, always do this before paying: here’s why

Over time, both ATM cards and ATMs have undergone more than a few evolutions: the cards have in fact acquired increasingly advanced data transmission tools, such as the chip to communicate with the POS and the sensor. contactlesstoday more and more popular for making instant payments without having to physically insert the card into the holder.

Even when you are about to make a payment, you must still be careful: in fact, modern POS are not necessarily physically connected to the cable network: it is essential to check whether the amount we are paying is actually the one established and in case of a refused transaction for any right, you have to get the receipts that prove it. Also keep an eye on where we keep our ATM card, if equipped with contactless functionality: some criminals simply sneak the portable POS, often small, to wallets, bags so as to “trigger” a payment via the contactless which, as is known, does not require the PIN to be entered within a certain threshold.

Even more attention must be paid during the withdrawal phase: ATMs can be tampered with with fake keyboards, hidden cameras, often in almost invisible points, and even the slots used for inserting the card and withdrawing cash can be suitably blocked. In short, it is better to keep your eyes open, let us remember that with increasing frequency our card is the access for our savings.

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