Atletico is an impertinence for every football fan

Munich – “0-1 at Manchester City is not a bad result,” said Atletico Madrid defender Stefan Savic after the Champions League quarter-finals first leg.

Is he serious?

Does coach Diego Simeone’s team know that this means they have to score at least one goal in the second leg to go to penalties – two even to go through?

That could be damn difficult, at least if the “Rojiblancos” play similar football next week as they showed in the first leg – namely none at all. A fact that drives football fans crazy.

Atletico: No shot on the City goal

Because for the entire 90 minutes, Atletico’s players didn’t get a single shot on goal from City’s keeper Ederson – a negative record under Simeone. And before everyone gets that ball from Marcos Llorente from the 51st minute, which Ederson had to ‘parry’: that was just a missed cross. No shot on goal in life.

Of course, the club from the Spanish capital is known for being able to stir concrete like no other team in the world. There is no question that this is also a certain art and that Simeone deserves respect for it. But what Atletico did against Manchester City was beyond good and evil and raises Rudi Völler’s question for Simeone: Did the man never stay with football?

Simeone: “City is fun”

“I have to admit it’s fun to see how City play,” said the Atleti boss after the defeat.

Unfortunately, that can’t be said at all about the football you play, dear Diego! With more than three million euros per month, you earn by far the most money among the trainers in the world.

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And for what? That you show your team, which is peppered with highly talented footballers like Joao Felix or Antoine Griezmann, how to park a bus in front of your own goal? You can tell the frustration is very deep.

Felix, Griezmann and Co. are kickers with that certain something. At Atletico, however, the attackers were retrained to become defenders and integrated into the double chain of five. No joke, the “biggest ruffians in European football”, as Thomas Müller once described them, were all ten men behind against City – and that with a 0-1 deficit.

Simeone wants to ‘change something’ in the second leg

It’s okay to say you want to keep a clean sheet in a Champions League away game. However, the fact that after falling behind you don’t change anything in your game philosophy and even become more passive is an impertinence for every football fan.

One had the feeling that after the 0:1 on Atletis side it suddenly meant that instead of 0:0, the game was now played at 0:1. One can only hope that the Spaniards don’t want to keep the 0-0 lead again in the second leg – although then this squad of anti-football players would finally be out of the “premium class”.

However, Simeone has already announced that Atletico will ‘change things up’ in the second leg. It will be interesting to see how many shots the Madrilenians will have at Wanda Metropiltano.

However, should it be similar to the first leg, this game should also be another impertinence for the football fan.

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I do not hope so.

Max Bruns

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