Atlético de Madrid refused to sign ‘Tecatito’ Corona in exchange for 12 million euros, say media in Portugal

Atlético de Madrid is not interested in signing the Mexican forward, Jesús ‘Tecatito’ Corona, who will enter the last year of his current contract with FC Porto, a team in which it has become a benchmark in recent years.

According to the Portuguese newspaper Récord, the footballer’s representative, Matías Bunge, approached the mattress board to offer the footballer in exchange for 12 million dollarsHowever, the Spanish club refused the offer.

The player is one of the ‘strong cards’ of the Dragons to sell this summer, since as of January he could freely negotiate with any team and thus repeat the story of Héctor Herrera, who refused to renew with the club and left for free with the mattresses.

At the moment Corona’s token is at 40 million euros, but the team has agreed that the footballer’s clause will drop to 25 million euros starting this summer.

Another of the Spanish teams with which he has been linked is Sevilla, a club led by coach Julen Lopetegui and who on more than one occasion has expressed pleasure for the soccer player who emerged in Monterrey.

Corona has been linked to this club over the last year, even Lopetegui himself went to see the UEFA Champions League game between Porto and Chelsea, which was held at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, in Madrid, Spain, and in the one who directly observed ‘Tecatito’.