“Atlantis”: Researchers discover underwater straits near Hawaii

Watch the video: “Road to Atlantis” – Researchers discover extraordinary undersea road near Hawaii.

Oceanographers have discovered a waterway in the Pacific.

For months, researchers explored the bottom of the National Monument on board the “Nautilus ship”.

The National Monument is a chain of volcanic mountains off the coast of Hawaii.

During their research, they come across a well-preserved road underwater.

“This is a really unique structure,” reports one of the researchers.

The scientists gave the discovery the name “Road to Atlantis”.

The legend of Atlantis goes back to Plato’s dialogues written around 360 BC.

In philosophers, the lost city is a metaphor for corruption in power, wealth and industry.

Researchers later identify the discovered road as hyaloclastite, a volcanic rock formed by high-energy eruptions.

Fragments of rock are deposited on the sea floor.

“The Strait is the result of heating and cooling processes from multiple eruptions.”

Only about three percent of the area’s 583,000 square miles has been explored at all.

Actually, the mission of the “National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” aimed at a deeper understanding of the formation of the Hawaiian Islands.

The researchers probably would not have expected the discovery of the “Way to Atlantis” either.



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