Atlanta United or referee error?  The Orlando City goal that surprised its rival in the MLS [Video]

Atlanta United or referee error? The Orlando City goal that surprised its rival in the MLS [Video]

The referees were questioned after the goal scored by Orlando City in the draw against Atlanta United.

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A new day of Major League Soccer came to our lives, where Atlanta United and Orlando City divided the points after tying at one goal. The curious thing about it was that one of these goals is not one of the most watched in current soccer inside or outside the United States.

The goal was scored by Mauricio Pereyra, a 32-year-old midfielder who took advantage of a free kick to put the ball into the back of the net at Mercedes Benz Stadium, home of Atlanta United. The funny thing was not the way he kicked the ball, but how he fooled the goalkeeper of the Georgia team.

It was in the 10th minute while Rocco Novo Ríos, an Argentine goalkeeper who defends the Atlanta team, was preparing to place his teammates in what was thought to be a routine play from outside the own area.

However, that was where the magic of the midfielder born in Uruguay, as Pereyra came alive and threw the ball into the empty goal, as the goalkeeper was setting up his barrier. As a result, the shot entered and placed the first goal of the match.

Subsequently, Altanta United, led by their coach, Gonzalo Pineda, continued to fight to get ahead after this never-thought-out goal, and that was how the five-sided team did not give up and scored the goal that gave them a unit at the end of the engagement.

Pineda’s team’s goal fell thanks to Juan José Purata, an element born in Mexico who took advantage of Thiago Almada’s cross from the sideline to hit the ball and thus push it into the back of the Orlando team’s net.

Atlanta or referee error?

This play generated many opinions, as it was thought that the goal should be disallowed. However, the referee did not restart the free throw, validating the play made, something that lets us know that it was Atlanta United that did not bother Pereyra before executing his delivery.

In addition, we can also see how the goalkeeper was not attentive to a possible shot, so many may consider the goal scored by Orlando City to be the responsibility of the 20-year-old goalkeeper.

Gonzalo Pineda’s Atlanta United and their next challenges

The team commanded by the Aztec must turn the page and focus on the next MLS game, as it will play against Javier Chicharito Hernández’s LA Galaxy next Sunday at the Dignity Health Sports Park, home of the Angelenos.

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