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Alone with the bee

Trevor, divorced father, has just found work: “house-sitter”. For his first job, he has to guard the huge ultra-modern villa of a very wealthy couple for a week and feed the dog… Nothing too complicated on paper, especially since all the instructions, instructions and alarm codes give him were left in a manual. It was without counting on… a bee. This silly little insect, which does not seem to want to leave the house at all, is going to make our temporary concierge see all the colors.

A rather simple, even simplistic pretext, which seems to have been thought up solely to give free rein to the escapades of Rowan Atkinson, the timeless Mister Bean, who here reconnects with what made his cult character so successful: burlesque humor, grimaces, falls and other visual gags of all kinds, all with a minimum of dialogue, bordering on silent film. Netflix’s desire to capitalize on the memory of the great naive Englishman at the Mini verte and to surf on this nostalgia is a little too obvious, but nothing to do: Atkinson has lost none of his talent and should manage to make everyone laugh the family at one time or another, even the most reluctant. The format – episodes between 10 and 15 minutes – even makes it possible to watch Alone with the Bee with rather young children without having them stay in front of a screen for too long. Clever… – BM

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** Netflix

The Terminal List

After Jurassic World and the Marvel universe, Chris Pratt is launching an unprecedented challenge: the main role of a series, in this case available in streaming. A beautiful headliner for The Terminal List which has other good arguments to make, including an addictive scenario from the first episode. We therefore discover the character of James Reece (Chris Pratt), a lieutenant commander who has just lost his entire Navy platoon during a mission in Syria. Once back home, his memories no longer seem to stick to reality. His account of the failed mission in the Middle East does not correspond to the elements available to the authorities. James begins to doubt his own memory, but very soon he is also increasingly convinced that he is the target of a scheme endangering his life and those of those close to him. As if the Syrian war was continuing but on the other side of the Atlantic. The plot thus directly instills doubt. Is James crazy or on the contrary extremely clear-sighted about what is going on behind his back? A question skillfully maintained thereafter. The series forces us to take, or not, part for him, with an obvious uneasiness vis-à-vis this supposed hero who is perhaps not one. The action scenes, carefully crafted and sequenced, only amplify this growing tension that keeps us in suspense. We just know that someone is not telling the truth, it remains to be seen who. The viewer has eight episodes to find the answer to this enigma which skilfully mixes psychological drama and action cinema. – K.D.

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*** Prime Video


Donald Glover/Childish Gambino continues to explore African-American culture, racism, and societal differences through the eyes of manager Earn, his rapper cousin Paper Boi, and sidekick Darius. A new season just as excellent as the previous ones, but on our continent this time. –BM

**** Disney+

My Fake Boyfriend

Andrew, unhappy in his relationship with an actor, follows the advice of his two best friends: to create a fake boyfriend thanks to the deepfake. The start of a lie that will take on crazy proportions as he falls in love with another. An entertaining gay romantic comedy, even if the script is at times too absurd to be believable. – K.D.

** Prime Video

Youth and cosmetic surgery

Auvio follows several women before, during and after their cosmetic surgery operations to understand how these procedures have become as commonplace as a tattoo. From Switzerland to Turkey, we also discover some flaws in beauty institutes that are not always recommendable. An interesting decryption. – K.D.

** Auvio



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