Atlanta rapper claims Future is better than 2Pac

A rookie mistake? Atlanta rapper Lil Gnar says Future is better than the legendary 2Pac.

If there is a rule that is unanimous in the world of rap, especially in the United States, it is thatwe don’t touch 2Pac. Lil Gnar will have learned it the hard way: the young rapper from Atlanta split a tweet claiming “Future is better than 2Pac, by far” – the shower that followed was freezing.

A tweet immediately went viral

Predictably, Lil Gnar’s post has indeed angered rap fans, who immediately caught fire in front of what is almost considered a outrage to a myth of the rap world : the twittos hastened to clash Lil Gnar, reminding him that Tupac has sold more albums than Future. This one, however backed by a strong fanbase, became the center of attention for daring to take on the legend, accumulating both insults and likes to the point of going viral.

A comparison that ultimately doesn’t really make sense : it is a question of two very different artists, not living at the same time, and with very distinct genres. Future himself may have been surprised by this unexpected compliment: indeed, this one writes a title in tribute to Tupac in his album Monster. This statement actually bears witness to a generational gap: if, for many, the rapper murdered in 1996 remains unbeatable, the youngest have been fed by other idols…

A debate that has not finished shaking the web, so sensitive is Tupac’s legacy. IAll that’s left is for Future to join the controversy… or put an end to it. In any case, bet won for Lil Gnar, who is talked about all the way to Paris.



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