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Could not start Philadelphia 76ers the series with home win. It was Atlanta Hawks, through a sensational Bring young as a guide, who took the first lead, in addition to stealing the home court factor. Joel Embiid he played and left a great impact in his 39 minutes on the court, with better physical sensations than anticipated.

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Young stole all the spotlights, especially in the first part, with his 35 points, 10 assists, 2 steals, 2 rebounds and 48% shooting. He led his people like the elusive and creative managed that he is, exposing the seams of the enormous Sixer defense: with such size no specialist could stop him nor did the collective defenses work. In part this great performance was accompanied by excellent success of his teammates and the chemistry they showed as a block.

For his part, Embiid added 39 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists with 57% shootingAlthough Clint Capela’s defense took its toll and Atlanta’s task was positive to contain him, or at least force some key failures. Of course, his dominating presence was evident before the smaller bodies of the visiting group. Despite a first half in which the Hawks’ work seemed finished, even going into the last minutes of the last quarter, mistakes and fear took over the team when Philadelphia pressed. After winning the last quarter by 41-29, they were about to complete the machado.

  • Philadelphia losses: 9 in the first quarter and 19 in total, although the matter was equaled with the final 15 in Atlanta. Many failures and rainfall led to the first two rooms for true oblivion. They will need to take better care of the ball and, of course, their performance at the back. They cannot allow so much wide sleeve to this rival in attack.
  • Atlanta scorers: 21 points for Bogdanovic and Collins, and another 15 for Huerter. Yes, Young was the guide and the initial destruction, but his success would have been impossible without the success of the rest. The Hawks bet on midfield pace and outside shooting. The formula worked with 20 of 47 (42%) of the team.
  • How can Ben Simmons impact more and better? Candidate for Defender of the Year and first-rate generator, but with no outside shot and little ability – or desire – to look for the basket unless there is space in the transition. He added 17 points, 10 rebounds, 4 assists and 4 steals, but his 3 of 10 in free practice hurt and did not mark his usual differences behind. Is he the answer to contain Young?
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Here are the comments made live of the game.


Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks

First quarter

Fantastic start for both teams. The success is shot and it is Atlanta who takes the lead. Of course, both very tight on the scoreboard. Great starts for Bogdanovic and Young, giving rhythm and success to the Hawks attack. While, Embiid’s physical sensations are promising. Hawks’ strategy is to make him two against one continuous.

You have to request a timeout Doc Rivers: 12 up Atlanta just over two minutes from the end of the first quarter, with precisely 12 points from Young. None of the 76ers can contain in these opening bars the great differential factor of the team. What adjustment will Rivers make?

Finish the first quarter with 42 points conceded by the Sixers and 9 losses committed. Surpassed the premises before the offensive flow of Atlanta. Great start to the series and a necessary reaction from Philly in the second quarter.

Second bedroom

Harris cuts a 17-0 run from Atlanta in a fast break actionAlthough it hardly takes Young to respond with one of his bombs. The production gap between the second units is huge and the Hawks are set to around 20 ahead. A lot of Philly problems, which can’t stop Trae or his rival’s inordinate success.

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Philadelphia reacts through the transition and the power of Simmons and Harris. Losses continue on their side, a blatant bloodletting, but they are not holding the Atlanta figures in defense either. The size of the league’s best defense can’t keep up with Atlanta’s pace.

Timeout of the Hawks after reaching 60-38 to the electronic. They still have income, but the fate of the last minutes changes. The return of the Sixers headlines balances the scales.

Philadelphia’s best moment is with a 7-0 run, but the response, immediate and forceful: three triples in a row from Atlanta, two of them from Trae. Fantastic first part of the base, undoing the local defense as he wants. As long as they don’t contain him, the Hawks will have free throws play after play.

The Sixers concede 74 points, an unaffordable figure for the best defense for efficiency in the regular season. All Atlanta players are very involved. Meanwhile, Philadelphia is getting better, but the early losses are too heavy and they need a lot more. The good feelings of Embiid, the best news for his poor first half.

Third quarter

No wrinkle Atlanta. Keep defending and looking for spaces in attack. The outside success keeps them in their advantage of 20 points, but the feeling of maturity of this young team is comforting. Going over a much more experienced block like Philadelphia.

McMillan’s 7-0 response after Philly’s 6-0 to open the second half.

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Philadelphia tries, but they can’t close the gap. It hurts Embiid and the 76ers counter it, although it is insufficient … At least for now. The advantage falls below 20 despite remaining in Atlanta territory.

The local team wins the fourth by 29-25. A very exciting final quarter is missing in which the Wells Fargo Center will roar. His team needs a lot from Tobias in the fourth quarter: he is at 18 points.

Fourth quarter

Follow Philly’s actions and Atlanta’s responses. Rivers’ team runs out of options as minutes run out. Young, fired up, submits from long distance, and when he receives double marks he finds partners to activate the team’s circulation. Excellent work from the Atlanta offense, showing great chemistry and everyone’s work on the same page.

Eye: Philadelphia dent, point to point and possession to possession. There are barely two minutes left in the fourth quarter, but he’s approaching the lowest rent since the first quarter. And after a few crazy minutes, Seth Curry’s triple to leave his team within 7 points. Will there be machado?

Very loose Atlanta close. Fear got the better of them and they were about to throw away a victory that they had guaranteed. After Curry’s 3-pointer, more losses came from the Hawks. However, at the most tense moment, the Serbian killer, Bogdanovic, appeared with a triple to sentence. Later, a lack of a clear path pointed out to Embiid and an alley-oop between Young and Collins sentenced the night.

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