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The world athletics association World Athletics has granted the Russian association Rusaf a five-month delay in an effort to obtain a possible readmission. The ultimate deadline for submitting a detailed and appropriate plan is now March 1, 2021, World Athletics announced on Saturday. The original deadline was September 30th; the Russia task force had proposed the extension of the deadline to the world association.

In November 2015, Rusaf was suspended for the first time because of widespread doping in Russian athletics. Since then, the suspension has been extended more than a dozen times. The draft plan submitted by Rusaf by the end of August was “better than what came before”, the task force found and referred in particular to the “admission of a doping culture in Russian athletics”. Nevertheless, the plan is “seriously flawed and does not meet most of the requirements,” said the statement.

According to the task force, this is not due to the Russian association’s lack of will, but rather to “a lack of know-how and resources”. If the plan is not in place by March 1, 2021, World Athletics warned, the council will “reconsider the issue of excluding Rusaf.”

It was not until mid-August, and after a delay, that Russia paid the US $ 6.31 million penalty imposed for the doping manipulation. This was one of the sanctions imposed by World Athletics. Failure to pay would have threatened Russia’s exclusion from the world association. The World Anti-Doping Agency had banned Russia from the summer and winter games for four years for manipulating doping data. At the same time, she had left the door open to participation for allegedly unpolluted athletes in the country under a neutral flag.


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