The Zamalek team won the African Super Cup for handball after defeating Al-Ahly Club (28-27) in an exciting match hosted by Hassan Mostafa Hall in Cairo.

The match witnessed the brilliance of the two teams amid a dazzling display from everyone, before Zamalek scored the winning goal in the last second of the meeting, to qualify for the White Club World Cup “Super Globe”.

the summary of the match

Al-Ahly started the match successfully and advanced 3-1, but Zamalek managed to reduce the difference until the tie between the two teams came in the 10th minute with a score (4-4).

Al-Ahly regained the lead again to remain superior by two goals until the 20th minute, when the result indicated the red lead with a score of (10-8).

Zamalek managed to equalize for the second time in the match in the 23rd minute, scoring the tenth goal, making the score (10-10).

Zamalek advanced for the first time in the match in the 25th minute with a score (12-11) to break Al-Ahly’s superiority since the beginning of the match, but Al-Ahly regained the lead to end the first half with a score (16-14).

In the second half, Zamalek’s efforts succeeded in returning to a tie in the 13th minute, with the result indicating (20-20), and Al-Abyad got the first progress in the second half in the 20th minute, with a score (25-24).

Al-Ahly managed to return to a tie in the 28th minute by scoring the 26th goal after a series of dangerous opportunities missed by the two teams, amid the brilliance of the guards, and the tie moved to (27-27) before Zamalek scored in the last second the winning goal.


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