At least 73 die after Hurricane Ian moves from Florida to North Carolina

Hurricane Ian has brought the lives of millions of residents in the southern and eastern United States to a standstill since it made landfall in Florida last Wednesday. Since then, sweeping through South Carolina, the massive storm has left a trail of destruction and at least 73 dead, including four in North Carolina on Saturday.

Florida takes the worst part in destruction and deaths, at least 66 dead. Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno confirmed that 35 neighbors died in his area alone. Fort Myers is located in this county, an area through which the hurricane came and is one of the most affected. The before and after images of the beach of this city gave the result of a devastating comparison, almost no one stood, except the piles of debris.

Ron DeSantis acknowledged that the rebuilding task will take years

Some rescue teams, still moving in boats, have confirmed that there are many bodies in the canals, raising suspicions that the death toll may be much higher. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, assured last Thursday that “this hurricane could be the deadliest in the history of Florida.” Unfortunately, the passing of the hours only confirms that impression.

In addition to thousands of users without power in South Carolina, whose governor said they were doing better than expected, in North Carolina and Virginia due to the impact of the storm, more than 1.3 million people were still without power in Florida and thousands of residents were without drinking water, despite being surrounded and flooded by water.

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A man walks through the debris and destruction caused by the passage of ‘Ian’ in Florida


Governor Ron DeSantis himself has acknowledged that the rebuilding task will take years. A first estimate has been made, in which it is considered that the damage so far amounts to around 67,000 million dollars. There are studies predicting that this bill will exceed 100,000 million. It is clear why it is said to be a historical catastrophe.

As the storm receded, some roads began to open to traffic after being closed due to the risk. This Saturday new floods were feared due to the fear that some dams could not hold the pressure. Meanwhile, the rescue efforts continued, with about 4,000 people rescued since Thursday by the actions of various agencies, Rear Admiral Brendan McPherson, commander of the US Coast Guard, reported at a press conference on Saturday.

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Two and a half million residents on the west coast of Florida were under evacuation orders due to the impact of Hurricane Ian, which made landfall in this area (Cayo Costa) on Wednesday afternoon.  He left the entire island of Cuba without electricity, where at least two people are believed to have died.  Source: AFP

“The coast is going to be out of service for some time,” he warned. “It hit very hard, not even the basic infrastructure is left,” he insisted.

The storm will continue to weaken near the North Carolina border.

It is also confirmed that thousands of citizens have been displaced from their homes, which they had to evacuate in the face of danger. And it was more than real. Many will find it difficult to even recognize what was their home until recently. According to Anne Bink, a representative of the federal emergency agency, there are about 10,000 people outside their homes who have been sheltered.

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Aerial images from the National Oceanic Service show the destruction that occurred in coastal areas of Florida, which were hit hard by the hurricane, completely devastated. Some neighbors described them to the media: “It’s like someone took an atomic bomb and dropped it.”

The National Hurricane Center noted this Saturday that the storm would continue to weaken throughout the day near the border between North Carolina, where President Biden has also declared a state of emergency, and Virginia. His statement added that this power loss will continue this Sunday. But the alarm was insisted that Ian and its tails are still a serious danger, with the possibility of flash floods in parts of those two states.



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