At least 17 Cuban doctors in Venezuela would be detained after abandoning the regime’s ‘mission’

At least 17 Cuban doctors part of the exported brigades through Havana to Venezuela would have been detained and sent to the Island, where they could be prosecuted, after abandoning the official “mission” and trying to cross to Colombia.

According to the complaint of the Cuban doctor residing in the neighboring country, Miguel Angel Ruanowho shared on his social networks screenshots of the messages that he would have exchanged with some of the professionals and others close to them, these “are already being sent to Cuba as prisoners and threatened with applying Article 369 of the new Cuban Penal Code for abandoning an official mission,” he said through his Facebook wall.

Ruano, legal adviser and spokesperson for the Free Cuban Medical Guildmade up of health professionals from the island who are critical of the Cuban regime, warned that detainees “Up to eight years in prison await them”sanction that would be “applied as an ‘exemplary measure’ for the rest”.

the cuban doctor Emilio Arteaga Perezresident in Spain and another of the spokesmen for the Medical Association, confirmed the events through his own wall and specified that the detention of the Cubans in Venezuela dates back to the beginning of May, the date on which the professionals were detained in that country. waiting for it to be decided what sanction to apply to them.

“Knowing the nature of how the Cuban regime works, we are very alarmed by this and we want to alert national and international public opinion (…) that we are at the gates of a true crime that is going to be committed against prepared people whose only crime is that they wanted to achieve a little freedom and end an intolerable situation of human trafficking and slavery“, he warned.

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Arteaga Pérez specified that through third parties the Medical Guild has learned that at least six of the detainees would have been sent back to Cuba from Maiquetia Airport “as detainees, as if they were criminals or delinquents.”

According to Ruano, the professionals were “circulated with name and surname at the border crossings between Venezuela and Colombia” and were arrested on the Venezuelan side of the border.

He also indicated that “in retaliation Since yesterday, May 30, the passports of 100% of the rest of the more than 20,000 Cuban collaborators in that country have been withdrawn. to prevent them from escaping and the security and surveillance apparatus against doctors and health professionals in this medical ‘mission’ was intensified”.

According to the recently approved Cuban Penal Code, professionals could be sanctioned in accordance with the article that reads: “The official or public employee in charge of fulfilling a mission in another country who abandons it or, once it is completed, or is required at any time for him to return, expressly or tacitly refuses to do so, he incurs a sentence of deprivation of liberty from three to eight years”.

For his part, Arteaga Pérez warned that some of the detainees could also be used to expose them in the media by retracting or denouncing some maneuver that justifies their desire to flee from the “official mission.”

“Here the fact is that we are in the presence of a crime, an abuse, a violation of rights”stressed Arteaga Pérez, who recalled that this event occurs weeks after harsh complaints were made public regarding the abuses to which professionals exported by Havana are subjected.

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