At last he understood, the sacred cow that will not continue in El Tri and says goodbye to Qatar" alt="Afición de México en el Mundial" data-amp-auto-lightbox-disable="" i-amphtml-ssr="" data-hero="" i-amphtml-layout="responsive">" alt="Afición de México en el Mundial" data-amp-auto-lightbox-disable="" i-amphtml-layout="responsive">
Mexico fans at the World Cup

Gerardo Martino, strategist of the Mexican team, little by little defines the list for what will be the World Cup in Qatar, where El Tri will face Argentina, Poland and Saudi Arabia, in the group stage. A sacred cow recognized that her level does not allow her to go to the most important event at the level of nations.

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After the friendly between Mexico and Guatemala, Martino drew conclusions for the future. A few months before the World Cup, Tata has almost confirmed the team that will go to the Middle East to look for the fifth game. A player who painted for crack stood out on his own and prefers to see his former teammates on TV over his poor performance.

This is Jonathan dos Santos, who in dialogue with W Deportes assured that he is not at the level of the rest of the National Team. Thus, Giovanni’s brother said goodbye to the World Cup dream due to his poor performance with the America shirt, a team that signed him with the hope of being the solution in the cream midfield.

Who are the sacred cows of the Tri?

They are the players who are on Martino’s list regardless of their performance at club level. In addition, his contribution has been highly criticized in the National Team. Cases like that of Guillermo Ochoa, Héctor Moreno, Andrés Guardado and Héctor Herrera, who have had a very discreet time with the National Team in the last Qualifiers, but who have the confidence of Tata.

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