at Karen’s Diner you will be scolded

You just have to feel like it: being called names by staff in a restaurant where you dine. At Karen’s Diner, they don’t care about that. In fact, they deliberately scold you. Your dish is thrown almost indiscriminately on your table and you can brace yourself for a middle finger in your face. Still curious? Soon you will also be able to undergo this experience in the Netherlands.

Karen’s Diner opens a branch in Amsterdam. From August you can enjoy unfriendly service in the hamburger restaurant. Karen’s Diner can already be found in various places in Australia and England and soon also in America, Canada and therefore Amsterdam.

‘Very rude service’

‘Great Burgers & Very Rude Service’ is the restaurant’s slogan. Then you at least know what to expect. But do you still want to see how things can go in a Karen’s Diner? Check out the video below to prepare yourself mentally for what awaits you in August at the new Karen’s Diner location in the Netherlands.

Rudeness at Karen’s Diner

But where does that name actually come from? The restaurant chain is not called ‘Karen’s Diner’ for nothing. The name Karen here refers to the complainants. In particular, it concerns the phenomenon of ‘Karen’, which generally concerns middle-aged women who can complain like champions about a certain service (or rather, the lack of that service). These complainants are often filmed abroad and those films receive a lot of attention and reactions when people are once again screaming for a manager. So at Karen’s Diner it’s not the customers who complain, but the staff.

The staff at Karen’s Diner are trained to treat guests as rudely as possible and hilarious videos have been circulated on social media.


How’s he slamming my milkshake like that 🤣 #KarensDiner #Fyp #Funny #ForYou

♬ original sound – Murt


GETTING FRIES WILL GET YOU THE FINER… #karensdiner #fyp #food

♬ original sound – kaytlyn stewart

Be warned

Oh, and a nice touch: if your name is Karen, you can get a free drink. And there is a clear warning: if you are under 16, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian: “Bad language is common in all our locations. We are not Disneyland. We advise minors not to come after 6 p.m. on weekdays and after 5 p.m. on weekends,” the website reads.

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