At border crossings: hours of waiting in return traffic for vacationers

Everyone who used Ascension Day for a short holiday in the south had to go back home at some point. The result on Sunday was kilometer-long traffic jams and waiting times, especially at the border crossings.

So it took up to two hours longer before the Croatian-Slovenian border crossing near Koper in the late afternoon. The situation at Rupa was a bit better. Here the loss of time was “only” 60 minutes. The loss of time at Ljubljana was also 45 minutes. Towards evening, the situation in return traffic slowly began to ease.

problems at construction sites

The Karawanken tunnel on the A 11 proved to be the bottleneck once again on Sunday. At peak times, the waiting time there was around 60 minutes when entering Carinthia. The construction site near Völkermarkt in the direction of Graz caused traffic jams on the A 2 southern motorway. At Tarvisio, too, a loss of time of around 45 minutes had to be planned due to a construction site.

Tunnel on A 10 closed

There were tunnel closures and kilometers of traffic jams on the Tauernautobahn A10. The reason was a burning caravan in the Feistritz/Drau area.

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