02:37 PM

Saturday 17 July 2021

Tokyo – (dpa):

Infiniti Luxury Motors, a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Motors, has revealed the prices of the all-new generation of the luxury 3-row QX60 car, which is a sports-equipped multi-purpose vehicle (SUV).

The price of the new generation of the car starts approximately $ 47,875 (750,000 Egyptian pounds), and it is expected to reach car showrooms in a number of world markets during the coming fall.

The price of the new version is more than the current version by $2,750 than the cheapest category of this model, which is priced at $45,375.

The Motor Trend website, which specializes in car topics, indicated that the new generation is more attractive and less boring than the current generation.

Infiniti offers 4 cars of the Q.X60 model, which are Pure, Lux, Sensori and Autograph. The standard specifications of the four cars of this model include a front traction system, a 3.5-liter 6-valve engine with 295 horsepower and a new transmission that gives 9 speeds that can be switched between them automatically.

The customer can also get a car equipped with the Intelligent four-wheel drive system for an additional $2,000.

Infiniti offers its customers in the United States the opportunity to be among the first group to obtain the new version of the QX60 by the end of this year through the online car reservation program.

The reservation of the new car began on July 13, and the reservation door will remain open until early next fall, and as part of the process of launching the new generation, Infiniti has agreed with Cameo to provide a unique shopping experience for customers.