Asturias has a 16th century palace where you can stay the night

Asturias has a 16th century palace where you can stay the night

Around it, 13,000 square meters of gardens and a small hermitage contemporary to the main building. A stone’s throw from the only Asturian Relais & Château, the Cantabrian Sea, the Picos de Europa and, of course, the Lastres lighthouse.


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As much as we enjoy careful design, in Asturias there is something that cannot be overlooked: gastronomy. From Palacio de Luces they practice it in Tellathe restaurant that operates under the baton of the Asturian chef Francisco Ruiz. His speciality? Artisanal cuisine based on organic, seasonal and local products. Because when you have quality at home, there is no need to go looking for a product far beyond.

Tella’s kitchen, however, includes a nod to the history of the Palace: traditional recipes go hand in hand with extensive influences from the Indies. The restaurant has received the ‘Mesas de Asturias’ certification, an indisputable seal of quality and local representation.

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