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From this Tuesday, June 21, 2022, the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere welcomes the coldest season of the year and, in the celestial vault, the planetary transits provide information about the upcoming changes and how to harness the influence of your energy in the coming months.

According to astrologer Lucía Ángeles Ferreccio, author of Astrology: stories and keys of a fascinating language (Ediciones Paidós), the importance of the solstice was already honored by the native peoples, the first to celebrate the seasonal change with the Inti Raymi (Peru) and the We Tripantu (Chile and Argentina).

“With the solstice, what is celebrated is cyclicity: what looks like a death or an end is part of a larger cycle, eventually the Sun will continue to move (in the eyes of a terrestrial observer) and life will continue its course”, he explains to Clarion.

The 2022 winter solstice marks the beginning of a new cycle. Photo: illustration Shutterstock.

Ferreccio adds that it is also an ideal date to go to “the symbolic home”. He points out that since astrologically the Sun enters Cancer, the Moon-ruled sign “traditionally is associated with the tribes, the family, the depths of the soul, the intimate. It could be a good day or a good week to get in touch with that frequency.”

In the winter solstice there is also a strong symbolic load. For the author, “although we are submerged in the coldest and darkest point of winter, the Earth is moving towards the reunion of heat and light from the Sun, therefore, the celebration is for the confidence in the gradual but accurate rhythm of mother nature“.

What to do during the winter solstice 2022

In harmony with the changes of the day, Ferreccio recommends welcoming the winter season considering the following:

  • Get together as a family: “By family I mean what each and every one means as such, because it can reconnect us with the trust and security that we need in these times.”
  • Meditate alone: ​​”Spend time in solitude meditating on this evidence that natural rhythms bring us.”
  • Keep in mind the constant of change: “Everything changes! What is darkness today will be light tomorrow and vice versa.”

Planetary transits of winter 2022

After the winter solstice, the astrologer Mercedes Casini, co-author of Learn astrology: to discover your birth chart y Learn astrology: to be part of the transformation (ed. Albatross), states that the astrological weather of the next three months will be similar to the meteorological weather.

“We’re going to have an invitation to introspectionsince we are going to have many planets in the process of retrogradation”, he tells Clarion.

Retrograding planets invite retrospection on various aspects throughout the winter.  Photo: illustration Shutterstock.

Retrograding planets invite retrospection on various aspects throughout the winter. Photo: illustration Shutterstock.

During the winter months in the Southern Hemisphere, the Sun passes through the signs of Cancer (cardinal, winter begins), Leo (fixed, keeps winter), Virgo (mutable, begins to give way to spring). These three energies have in common the look towards the personal, the intimate and the proper.

But how does this introspective gaze manifest itself? “From our bond with family, children, creative projects and daily habits —Casini details—, we will go through seasons that invite us to look inside to make small personal changes that modify our social structure.

Which planets will be retrograde in winter 2022?

The planets that will be in retrograde throughout the winter are: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. As Casini points out, these are planets “that have an orbit very far from the Sun, therefore, represent social or collective changes“.

“This it is not a strange phenomenon—he clarifies—, it is something that happens every year during certain months, although it moves slowly in which season it happens. In this case, what [las retrogradaciones] happen at the same time that the season of the year invites us to spend more time at home, it is very synchronous”.

Specifically, the astrologer comments that retrogradation of each planet calls to address an aspect. In the case of Saturn, “It is time to reflect and review how we are using our time, what link we have with society, with our profession and our contributions to the world.”

Saturn retrograde invites us to record how we use time.  Photo illustration: Shutterstock.

Saturn retrograde invites us to record how we use time. Photo illustration: Shutterstock.

Talking about Uranuswill be an invitation to work “our link with uncertainty and sudden changes, with social revolutions and ideas to change the world”.

Similarly, Casini refers that while Neptune will call to address the connection with sources of spirituality, art and empathy, Pluto’s retrogradation will be to work the desires of controlthe capacity for transformation and contact with deep crises.

In short, Casini adds that the fact that all these planets retrograde at the same time “brings a social and collective review that will lead us to put into practice or into action what we reflect on during the winter, in the spring of 2022 and the summer of 2023”.

Square of Saturn and Uranus: what it tells us about spring 2022

The co-author of Learn astrology: to discover your birth chart emphasizes this planetary transit once winter is over.

“This square already happened in December 2021 and will be repeated for the last time in October of this year, already spring has begun, with both planets in retrogradation. Saturn and Uranus continue to mark strain between traditional social structures and new trends, and internally the feeling of tug of war between a desire for freedom and the obligations that we must hold.”

Given the tension of both planets, what is the opportunity that presents itself to work? “This square brings us the ability to loosen old structures that weigh, that have already expired and, in turn, the strength to support new structures, in a lighter and unconventional way” he concludes.



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